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How Bias Can Lead to Elder and Nursing Home Injuries in Hollywood

Ageism is a form of bias based on age and unfortunately the elderly often bear the brunt of this prejudice. Unfortunately, some people assume the elderly get easily lost or confused and this bias can be very dangerous in a nursing home setting. In some cases, it can even be used to hide Hollywood nursing home abuse and negligence.


Ageism and bias can show up in many ways:

  • An elderly person may be spoken for. Sometimes, caregivers speak for an elderly person instead of asking that individual what they prefer. In cases of care, this can mean an elderly patient may not get the treatment they feel is best for them—even if they understand what is best for them.
  • An elderly person may not be believed. Sometimes, caregivers and others do not believe when an elderly person reports abuse. They may assume the person is confused or uncertain, and this can mean signs of abuse and negligence can get ignored.
  • Caregivers and loved ones may assume mental and physical decline are a part of aging. Personality changes and physical symptoms may indicate abuse, negligence, or illness, so any sudden changes should be investigated by a doctor. Weight loss, bruises, broken bones, and personality changes are not always a part of aging.
  • Ageism occurs in the medical community, affecting care. Studies in the Journal of General Internal Medicine reveal that one of five seniors experiences age-related bias when seeking health care, and this can cause complications or disability.
  • Abusers can blame abuse symptoms on mobility issues, dementia, or other conditions. Broken bones, bruises, and other symptoms of abuse can be hidden by blaming medical conditions or age. This can make uncovering and stopping abuse even more difficult.

If you have a loved one in a nursing home, it is important to ensure bias does not affect their care and quality of life. If you notice any symptoms, have them evaluated by a doctor. If you think a doctor is biased or may be dismissing your concerns, seek a second opinion.

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