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How Elderly Drivers Can Help Prevent Florida Truck Accidents

While many elderly drivers can and do drive safely, elderly drivers do face some additional challenges when sharing the road with trucks. For example, many elderly drivers have medical conditions which can affect their driving. According to AARP, there are several things that elderly drivers can do to help prevent Florida truck accidents:

1) Maintain good communication with healthcare providers. Talk to your pharmacists about how your medication and over-the-counter medication can affect your driving. Visit your doctor and eye doctor regularly to maintain good health. If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition, be sure to discuss with your physician how the diagnosis may impact everyday activities, such as driving.

2) Keep in mind that disabled parking spaces and truck zones are often in the same area. Many Florida car accidents occur because of this. In many cases, trucks must pull up very close to stores and businesses. At the same time, many businesses provide disabled parking spaces near their businesses. When reversing or parking, stay extra alert for trucks.

3) Take extra training. Refresher courses and courses intended for elderly drivers help you shape up your skills and can even mean discounts on your insurance costs. As well, refresher training helps you to adjust to changing traffic patterns, new legislation changes and road rules, and the changing driving environment.

4) Make sure that you and your car are ready for the road. Keep yourself in good physical condition and avoid driving if you feel unwell or if you doctor has told you to avoid driving. Keep you car in good shape so that it is ready to respond quickly if you need to avoid a collision. If you need special items or gadgets for your car to help you drive safely, get these as quickly as you can.

5) Get evaluated often. If you have had a serious health issue or if it has been some time since you have been evaluated for driving skills, talk to a driving instructor. Many instructors offer special evaluations for elderly drivers and those who have faced challenges. These evaluations can help you determine whether you can safely drive and can help you address any bad habits which can put you at risk of a Florida car accident.

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