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Preventing Florida Truck Accidents in Work Zones

According to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), the cast majority of Florida truck accidents in work zones are preventable. The agency has launched its Work Zone Safety campaign to raise awareness of the issue and to help prevent truck accidents and workplace accidents. The FDOT’s efforts may be paying off, as workplace collisions have been decreasing. In 2008, there were 93 fatalities in Florida construction zones, compared to 137 in 2005. However, there is still room for improvement. According to FDOT, everyone can help by:

1) Walking and driving through work zones more carefully. According to FDOT, most of the fatalities in the state’s work zones occur due to Florida pedestrian accidents or car accidents. Try to avoid driving or walking through a work zone. If it cannot be help, stay alert, follow signs, maintain good communication with the workers on the job, and proceed slowly.

2) Use extra caution when driving at night. According to FDOT, more than 50% of the fatal collisions which occur in Florida’s work zones take place after dark. Poor visibility can make it easier to collide with work equipment and can make it easier to fall into a hole dug by work crews. If you need to pass by a work zone after dark, don’t be casual, even if the work zone is empty. Use your lights and slow down so that you can see the warning signs in place.

3) Don’t mix alcohol with driving. Drunk driving is dangerous any time, but it can be especially risky in a work zone. FDOT reports that Florida drunk driving accidents account for almost one in four fatal work zone crashes.

4) Slow down. Even if you think you can drive at full speed by a work zone, you can’t. It pays to be patient; work zones are often highly unpredictable environments. A truck may pull out in front of you at any minute as it does its work task or a worker may inadvertently walk in front of your car. According to FDOT, over half of all work zone accidents are related to speeding.

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