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How Safe is Your Child’s Halloween Costume?

Each year, many Miami personal injury accidents occur due to unsafe Halloween costumes. While Halloween costumes are intended to be fun and a great way to celebrate the holiday, they can also be dangerous. Here are the things that parents should look out for:

1) Is the costume flammable? Costumes should be made of materials which are not easily flammable. Unfortunately, during Halloween, children may be more prone to come into contact with open flame, especially if they approach a jack-o’-lantern using an old-fashioned candle or if they take part in a bonfire night outside. Look at tags to determine the level of flammable materials in the costume. If you are making your own Halloween costume, consider the flammability of the materials that you are using.

2) Is the costume highly visible? Unfortunately, Miami car accidents happen every Halloween, and many of these accidents involve young children running across the street during Halloween night. Children should always be supervised when trick-or-treating. However, they should also be highly visible. Darker costume should have reflective tape on them that makes them easily visible to motorists. Children should also carry flashlights. Where possible, select lighter colored clothing and costumes for young children.

3) Does the costume have parts that hang down or drag on the ground? Loose clothing and drawstrings can pose a choking hazard for small children. Long dragging costumes can also create Miami trip and fall accidents. Even long droopy sleeves can be a hazard if they come into contact with the flame inside a jack-o’-lantern. Look for clothes that fit correctly and do not involve any parts that drag or droop down too much. Fitted costumes are a better choice.

4) Does the costume allow your child to see clearly? Masks are a special concern, since they can block visibility for children and can make it harder for them to cross the street safely. Masks that impair vision can also cause Miami trip and fall accidents. Where possible, use face paint and makeup rather than masks. If masks are essential for a costume, use scissors to cut out a larger eye holes so that your children can see correctly.

5) Does the costume include colored lenses? Many older children love costumes that involve novelty contact lenses. Unfortunately, in many cases these contacts are purchased online, and may be shipped from overseas retailers who are not bound by the safety considerations of domestic laws. If your child insists on having novelty contact lenses, visit an optician or eye doctor rather than buying them online. This can help prevent eye injury and a serious Miami products liability lawsuit down the line.

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