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Miami Pedestrian Accidents Involving Large Trucks

In many cases, Miami truck accidents involve accidents between trucks and other motor vehicles. However, every year people are injured while walking too close to trucks. Miami pedestrian accidents involving trucks are far more common than many people think. Miami has high pedestrian traffic as well as high truck traffic, due to the size and vibrancy of the city. Unfortunately, Miami pedestrian accidents involving trucks usually lead to serious injuries or fatalities. A pedestrian has virtually no chance against a large 80,000 pound commercial vehicle.

Unfortunately, emergency medical personnel see Miami truck accidents involving pedestrians all the time. It is an unfortunate fact that there are many places where trucks and pedestrians share the same space, increasing the risk of an accident. For example, in many commercial parking lots – including mall parking lots – trucks deliver goods in the same areas where pedestrians are walking to their cars. As well, large trucks put out fires, deliver our mail, and pick up our garbage. These everyday larger vehicles can also pose a serious hazard for pedestrians. Fortunately, there are things that pedestrians can do to avoid becoming involved in a truck accident:

1) Teach children to stay away from trucks. One of the most tragic things about Miami pedestrian accidents involving trucks is that they often do involve small children. Small children are naturally drawn to trucks, and may not realize the dangers. Children are also so small that truck drivers simply cannot see them, especially if a child wanders into the blind spot of a truck. Parents need to be especially vigilant when a child is playing outdoors or is walking in parking lots where trucks may be sharing the area with pedestrians.

2) Don’t walk where truck drivers are not expecting pedestrian traffic. Staying on designated pedestrian areas ensures that drivers are more likely to see you. Popping out between cars, walking in the path of a truck, and sharing the space where a truck is driving are poor choices that can lead to an accident.

3) Stay visible. If you like walking at night or in poor weather, make sure that you are wearing highly visible clothing, so that all motorists can see you.

4) Assume that truck drivers cannot see you. Truck drivers may not be looking for pedestrians in all areas, and the blind spots on commercial trucks, especially, can be significant. It is always safest to assume that truck drivers cannot see you until you make eye contact with the truck driver. If you cannot see the truck driver, he or she cannot see you.

5) Keep in mind that trucks make frequent stops and starts. Trucks that are delivering goods or picking up garbage may make frequent stops and may back up suddenly. Approach such vehicles with caution and give them a wide berth.

6) Be cautious of trucks turning. Trucks with wide loads can easily crush a pedestrian who is caught in the way. Truck drivers also usually cannot see a pedestrian walking up alongside a truck in this situation, so give the truck lots of space and wait until it drives off before continuing your walk.

If you have been injured in a Miami pedestrian or truck accident, contact the Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation to discuss your case and your options. Discussing your options with a qualified Miami personal injury attorney can help ensure that you safeguard your financial future and protect your rights.