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How the Trucking Industry And Carriers Can Create a Safety Culture

In many industries, the term “safety culture” is a buzzword and a key goal. Broadly, safety culture means creating an environment in which safety is an essential part of all tasks and business matters. Creating a safety culture is important because it can help reduce accidents and injuries. To help prevent Florida truck accidents, the trucking industry and local carriers may wish to work to create the type of safety culture than many other industries are creating.

Most experts agree that in order for safety culture to be effective, industries need to see culture as actionable. That is, it’s easy to talk about a safety culture as something abstract, but companies need to create a culture rooted in specific steps so that it is easy to implement. For example, the trucking industry has taken steps to create a safety culture by banning texting and driving all across the country. Safety must be translated into steps of action in order to work.

Most experts also agree that safety policies alone do not mean safety culture. While it is important to have safety rules, in other words, rules alone will not create a culture of safety. A safety culture needs to go well beyond rules and regulations to work. The problem with many safety policies is that they are top-down. That is, authorities in an industry impose rules and everyone else is expected to follow them. This creates directives, not a culture. To create a safety culture that prevents Florida car accidents and truck accidents, industry authorities need to work with truck drivers and even the drivers of passenger cars to create solutions that involve everyone.

In order to work, safety culture must mean integration. That is, a safety culture includes all levels of a company or industry and it involves everyone. In the trucking industry, everyone must be held accountable for safety and safety must become a priority at all levels – from driver training to loading and unloading of trucks to truck maintenance and tire manufacture.

Safety cultures are not created overnight. In many cases, they begin with a goal to improve safety and with a few policies. Many industries dedicated to implementing a culture safety do so over time, working with employees and other stakeholders to gradually make safety a larger and larger focus across the board. As the trucking industry continues to do this, hopefully the number of Florida car accidents involving trucks will decline.

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