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Safety Practices and Policies Alone Won’t Prevent Florida Trucking Accidents

When Florida trucking accidents happen, legislators often call for new laws and regulations. While policies are useful in preventing Florida drunk driving accidents and other types of accidents and while safety practices instituted by the trucking industry have helped to prevent many accidents, these steps alone are not enough. In order to really help prevent more Florida car accidents involving trucks, it is important to move beyond reactive practices to more proactive practices.

Most safety policies focus on violations and post-violation action rather than focusing on preventing problems in the first place. That is, most policies are created as a response to existing problems and current violations. They are looking back at the mistakes already made. Many safety experts believe that the trucking industry needs to look forward to anticipate problems and create holistic solutions to these problems.

For example, it is expected that Florida will see more and more trucks on the road as industries boom. The state will also see more extra-large trucks as a result of legislation passed last year to allow larger and heavier trucks on the road. While no accidents have yet been reported from this change, now is the time to address the change and to take steps to help prevent any future accidents. For example, investing in new tire technology would help the industry avoid trucking accidents caused by tire defects. This will become especially important as trucks increase in size and weight load.

Another way to become more forward-looking is avoid too much attention on incident rate leads. These tend to look back, just like safety policies, rather than looking forward to future problems. Of course, incident rate leads and safety policies are important. However, to truly create greater safety on the road, we must look beyond these issues and anticipate problems and address them in a forward-thinking way.

Drivers of course play a significant role in preventing Florida truck accidents. Training drivers extensively and well to anticipate problems and to become part of the solution is important. When drivers are given a greater voice to improve safety and their concerns are heard, good things can happen. Truck drivers want to help prevent accidents; giving them more leeway to take action to prevent accidents can help prevent collisions.

Many carriers have incentives based on lack of injury, but this, too can backfire. Drivers may be less likely to report injuries or possible injuries if it means discipline or lack of incentives, and this can mean more drivers driving unwell. Rewarding the right behaviors means rewarding safety and a commitment to safety, not rewarding lack of accidents. Rewarding additional training and any action taken by the drivers to remain safer simply may make more sense.

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