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How to Choose the Right Helmet to Avoid a Fort Lauderdale Head Injury

Wearing the right helmet while biking or taking part in contact sports can dramatically reduce your risk of a Fort Lauderdale head injury. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the correct use of helmets can reduce the risk of brain injury by as much as 85%. Wearing a helmet while bicycling can be especially important, as the Snell Memorial Foundation reports that the number of serious head injuries caused by bicycling accidents outnumbers the number of head injuries caused by sports injuries and horseback riding. The first step in protecting yourself against a serious brain injury in a Fort Lauderdale bicycle accident is to choose the right helmet. You can do so by:

1) Checking fit first. A proper bicycle helmet will fit snugly and will not move more than an inch any way when you move your head. In a Fort Lauderdale traffic accident, if you are thrown from your bicycle your head will be tossed about and a loose-fitting helmet will likely fall off, leaving you with no protection against injury. If you are not sure about fit, try on many helmets to get a sense of how different helmets fit, and then ask a sales person at a reputable bicycle store for help with proper fitting.

2) Buying a safe helmet. Look for a newer model of helmet that meets Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) standards. Avoid older helmets, especially used helmets. Older helmets may not be as safe because they may not meet current safety standards while used helmets may have been in an accident and may no longer offer much protection. The good news is that there are plenty of affordable new helmets that meet CSPC standards.

3) Choosing a helmet that offers visibility. Helmets with reflectors, lights, or light colors will make it easier for motorists to spot you. Experts consider a white helmet to be the most visible in night conditions. Even if you are wearing a highly visible helmet, however, make sure that you use lights on your bicycle and choose the rest of your clothing to be highly visible, as well. A high-visibility helmet alone may not be enough.

4) Considering a helmet with attachable mirrors. This acts as a rear-view mirror and allows you to see behind you, which is important in avoiding Fort Lauderdale car collisions. You can also get an attachable rear-view mirror for your glasses. Both tend to let you see behind you more effectively than standard handlebar-mounted mirrors.

5) Thinking about style. Choose a helmet that you love to wear, so that you will always be happy to ride with your helmet. Style is especially important for kids and teens; children may be more enthusiastic about wearing a helmet if their helmet is “cool.”

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