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Cargo Issues That Can Lead to Tamarac Trucking Accidents

Each day, trucks in Tamarac carry cargo to and from businesses and homes. Cargo on trucks varies widely, from food products to live animals to tools and cars. Just about every item we buy is likely transported by truck at some point. Although most truck deliveries occur without incidents, some serious Tamarac truck accidents occur each year due to problems with cargo. These problems can include:

1) Incorrectly secured loads. Cargo transported by truck is supposed to be carefully and correctly secured so that it does not shift during transport. When cargo shift occurs, Tamarac traffic accidents are a common result. Determining liability in these cases is often a challenge, since there may be multiple freight handlers tasked with loading, unloading, and securing cargo. In these types of claims, the driver of the truck is also often held party liable, since securing the cargo is the driver’s responsibility. Drivers are expected to check the cargo before each trip and regularly throughout a trip to ensure that cargo is secured correctly.

2) Heavy loads. A common cargo issue with commercial trucks is overloading. Commercial trucks have strict limits about the cargo weight they are allowed to carry. Exceeding the weight places additional pressure on the brakes, tires, and other systems of a truck, leading to Tamarac truck accidents.

3) Shifting loads. Some loads shift more than others, even when securely placed in a truck. Livestock, for example, and liquids in tanker trucks may shift more than many other types of loads. Correctly securing loads can help, but in some cases loads shift unexpectedly.

4) Rollovers. Trucks have higher centers of gravity than passenger cars, which can lead to rollovers, especially when it comes to fully loaded commercial trucks. When cargo is not correctly secured, the possibility of Tamarac rollover accidents is even higher.

5) Driver errors. A driver may make mistakes, such as driving too fast for a specific road or noticing that cargo is incorrectly secured but not asking handlers to rearrange or re-secure the cargo.

6) Falling cargo. In some instances, cargo falls from a truck or spills onto the road. In some cases, this causes secondary Tamarac car accidents. More seriously, in cases where a truck is carrying flammable or toxic chemicals, a spill can cause a fire or serious environmental disaster, threatening homes and businesses over a large area.

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