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Identifying Unsafe Trucks

You probably pass them on the streets every day – dangerous trucks that could cause an accident that leads to fatalities or permanent serious injuries. Do you know how to spot a dangerous truck? Being able to locate and stay away from dangerous trucks can help prevent a truck-car accident. Being able to identify and report unsafe drivers could prevent an accident as well. Here’s what to look for.

1) A trailer that is weaving dangerously from side to side. A truck that is overloaded past its capacity may suffer from tire blowouts, tire defects or other serious mechanical failures. If a trailer is not correctly attached or a load is not correctly secured, a truck could cause a serious accident. A trailer that moves excessively from side to side can enter other lanes of traffic as well.

2) Leaks or objects falling from the trailer. Any leaks from a truck could indicate that the truck is not property maintained. Leaks of cargo may suggest that the cargo is not correctly stored. If the leaks are of flammable materials, the truck could cause a serious fire and burn injuries. Any objects that fall from the trailer can obstruct traffic and crash into oncoming cars, causing car accidents. Always report such incidents.

3) Aggressive driving. A driver that changes lanes abruptly or cuts other vehicles off may be too inexperienced to drive a truck or may be suffering from road rage. Aggressive driving is extremely dangerous, especially when a truck is involved. The sheer size of a commercial truck can crash or completely destroy smaller passenger vehicles. Aggressive driving may also be a sign of a driver under the influence. Report such actions immediately – this is an emergency.

4) Weaving between lanes or straddling lanes or markers. Trucks need to remain correctly in lanes, especially since they have sp many blind spots and may crash into smaller vehicles in other lanes. A truck that is straddling markers or is weaving excessively may be driven by a drunk or fatigued driver. This is an emergency – contact authorities at once to report the truck.

5) Obvious driver errors. If a truck driver is driving very slowly, is driving on the wrong side of the road, is entering the shoulder, is following other cars too closely, or is making other obvious errors (such as incorrect signaling or nearly hitting objects), he or she may be fatigued or may be driving under the influence. Call authorities at once, before an accident takes place. By reporting the truck, you could prevent a drunk driving accident.