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Make The World Better in 2010: Make Personal Injury a Thing of the Past

Personal injuries, whether caused by car accidents, boating accidents, or other types of accidents, are always a tragedy. Even relatively mild injuries can cause financial loss and suffering, while more serious injuries can result in loss of life. Studies have shown that many injuries are in fact very preventable. This upcoming year, we can do our part in order to prevent injuries. Here’s how:

1) Get informed. Learn about the laws, rules, and legislation that affect your safety each day. In many cases, injuries and accidents take place simply because we do not know how to prevent accidents and injuries. Keep reading this blog for useful safety tips and read about safety through reliable online sources.

2) Get involved. Write to your congressperson or political representative about laws and issues which concern you. Learn about laws and if you see something that concerns you, ask your political representative to make changes that will keep everyone safe.

3) Practice good safety in your own home. Make sure that your home is designed to help minimize accidents. Make sure that floors and rugs are not slippery. Remove obstacles from the floors and install working fire alarms. If you notice something unsafe in your home, change it so that no one is injured.

4) Do the little things that keep other safe. You can help prevent many personal injuries. If you have a dog, for example, you can keep your dog indoors or in an enclosed area of your yard so that your pet will not bite letter carriers and other professionals. If you have a pool, you can help prevent pool accidents and drowning by carefully securing your pool when it is not in use.

5) Speak up. If you see unsafe conditions somewhere, bring it to someone’s attention. If you are in a store and notice a spill, report it to the business owner or manager. You could be helping to prevent a slip and fall accident.