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Load Issues and Miami Truck Accidents

Miami truck accidents regularly close down highways and roadways and send victims to the hospital. A number of these accidents are caused by preventable load issues. The average commercial tractor trailer is more than 40 feet long, 13 feet tall, and is loaded with freight that can weight up to 80 000 pounds. Accidents occur every day in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Gables, and other Florida cities when incorrectly secured loads cause rollovers or when materials fly out of trucks and into oncoming traffic.

Commercial trucks are designed to carry large cargo, but that does not mean that cargo problems don’t occur. In fact, city authorities see many hazards and many Miami car accidents and truck accidents caused by load issues. Common issues can include:

1) Heavy weights that lead to loss of control of the truck. When a truck carries more weight than it was designed to carry, the extra pressure means more momentum, which can make it harder for the truck to stop, especially on hills and inclines. Heavy truck weight can make it very challenging for truck drivers to stop in time to avert an accident. Heavy cargo weights can also make it easier for the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

2) Incorrectly secured loads can make it harder for the driver to steer and control the vehicle.

3) Excessively heavy cargo can place so much stress on the brake system that the brakes fail. The extra momentum on a very heavy truck going downhill is especially dangerous for brakes.

4) Excessively heavy loads place so much extra pressure and weight on tires that tire blowouts can happen more easily, leading to accidents. Tires are designed to carry a specific limit of weight and exceeding this weight leads to an accident in many cases.

5) Very heavy cargo can make it hard for truck drivers to get uphill. The truck may roll back when the driver tries to brake or may move very slowly forward. This can make rear-end collisions far more likely, especially on curvy roads.

6) Incorrectly secured cargo can move and shift during the drive, distracting the driver and leading to an accident.

7) A poorly balanced cargo load can affect the center of gravity for the truck, causing a rollover or steering failure.

8) A cargo that has not been secured properly can roll and shift suddenly, increasing the risk of a rollover.

There are laws about the weight commercial trucks can carry and there are regulations about tire and axle load, weight distribution, and cargo securing. Truck drivers, carriers, and truck companies are responsible for ensuring that trucks stay safe on the road. Truck weigh stations across Florida and across the US make sure that truck drivers follow the laws. However, some companies and drivers are not as careful as they should be about securing loads and ensuring safe load weights. A casual attitude about load issues can easily lead to accidents.

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