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Medication Defect Claims In Miami and Other Communities: What You Need to Know When Medicine Makes You Sicker

When you take medication, it is often because you are already ill and want to get better. In some cases, however, victims of medication defect claims in Miami and other South Florida communities find themselves getting sicker rather than better. Legal claims related to medication can arise from a number of situations:

1) Unlisted side effects. Drug manufacturers are expected to test their products for all side effects. When tests are completed incorrectly, a medication may go to market without the correct listing of all side effects. In some cases, the side effects are potentially dangerous. For example, a recent spate of legal claims against a maker of birth control pills claimed that the pills caused life-threatening blood clot risks in women using the pills. A number of women taking the pill died or were seriously injured and in their legal claims they noted that the manufacturer did not adequately warn them of the increased risk.

2) Unlisted reactions with other medication. Medication manufacturers have a responsibility to test a medication for possible interactions with other medication and list those potential interactions. Drug interactions can cause serious side effects and even fatalities, so when drug manufacturers are negligent in this area they can cause immense pain and suffering and loss.

3) Allergic reactions. Medication is supposed to be tested for the risk of allergic reactions. Common allergic reactions should be listed on a medication’s packaging – along with what patients should do if they experience an allergic reaction. Lack of this information can jeopardize a patient’s life.

4) Birth defects. Some medications can cause serious birth defects when used by pregnant women. Medications that can cause this problem are supposed to be clearly labeled so that pregnant women (and their doctors and pharmacists) are aware of the risk. When this warning is not clear and birth defects are a result, victims can pursue justice by contacting a personal injury attorney in Miami or their community to pursue a legal claim.

5) Incorrect dosage or medication. When you are given medication by a pharmacist, hospital, or doctor, you expect that medical professionals have checked the dosage, medication, and any medical allergies you have. Unfortunately, medicine and pharmacy errors in Miami and other communities occur each year due to incorrect communication and due to negligence. Sometimes, these sorts of errors occur because a doctor or pharmacist is negligent in checking patient information. In other instances, poor handwriting and other preventable errors cause the problem. In some cases, the incorrect dosage or medication can cause serious complications or even death.

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