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Miami Boating Accidents are a Concern in the Summertime

According to the US Coast Guard there is often an increase in boating accidents in the summer months between July 4 and Labor Day. Since Florida is the nation’s leader when it comes to boating, it is not surprising that the state sees many boating injuries and fatalities each year.

Miami boating accidents can cause a variety of injuries, including Miami head injuries and other injuries due to boat crashes, amputations from a boat propeller, as well as many other types of injuries. Fatalities are also all too common with boating accidents. In many cases, Miami boating accidents are preventable and are caused by boater inexperience, overloading, alcohol or drug use, distracted boating, or congested waters. According to experts, there are many things that can be done to help prevent these types of accidents and injuries:

1) If you plan on operating or owning a boat, take a boater safety education course and refresher courses as needed. These courses are widely available in Miami and help you learn the basics of safety and how to avoid collisions on the water. If it has been some time since you have taken a course, consider a refresher course. The more you hone your skills, the more likely it is that you will be able to avoid an accident if you need to.

2) Insist on lifejackets for everyone on your boat. Carry extra lifejackets on board in different sizes so that everyone has one. A lifejacket can help keep you afloat if you do have an accident and can help you reach shore or help safely.

3) Never operate a boat when under the influence, tired, or distracted. Just as driving sleepy, drunk, or angry can lead to a Miami car accident, boating can also lead to a collision if you are not 100% focused on the boating. Boating requires as much attention as operating a vehicle and the consequences of not paying attention behind the wheel can be just as devastating.

4) Choose your waterways carefully. Congested waters where many types of boats share the waterways can be the most dangerous. Look for a water system where you are comfortable and can operate your boat safely.

5) Carefully research operators if you are heading out on a boat tour. Even if you do not own a boat, you need to consider boating safety if you will be heading out on one of the boat tours that are so popular in the Miami area. Boating accidents can turn these pleasant excursions into a nightmare, so do your research before you go. Make sure that the operator is experienced, insured, and takes care to keep their boat in great condition. A reliable boat tour operator will be pleased to tell you about all the safety features and precautions in place to keep you safe, so if something seems suspect find another tour operator.

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