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Miami Cruise Ship Injuries and Personal Injuries: How Passengers Can Protect Themselves

Miami is one of the biggest ports of call for many cruise ship companies. While Miami personal injuries and deaths on board cruise ships are not as common as Miami car accidents and other types of injuries, the recent tragedy in Italy aboard the Costa Concordia has created some concerns among cruise ship passengers. According to experts there are a few things that cruise ship passengers can do to stay safer on board:

1) Do not bring valuables on board. You cannot be sure that your room is secure at all times and valuable items may be left behind if you need to leave the ship suddenly. In some cases, valuables can make you a target of on-board crime, so travel with only those things you need and keep more expensive valuables at home.

2) Wear sturdy shoes on board, especially when embarking and disembarking the ship. This can help prevent Miami slip and fall accidents. Look for shoes with lower heels and good treads. This can be important when on board and when touring ports of call.

3) Have insurance. Check to see what travel insurance will protect you on your vacation and check with your homeowners insurance and health insurance to see whether you have any coverage with those carriers when you are on board a cruise ship.

4) Read the fine print on any agreement you sign related to your cruise ship vacation. Be especially careful to read about disclaimers and limitations on liability, jurisdiction, and time limit for settling claims. This will help you determine whether there are some damages you cannot recover for and can help you understand whether you will have the benefit of US law if you do decide to pursue your claim in court. Many cruise ship passengers do not read the fine print and find themselves unable to get compensation for injuries sustained during their cruise.

If you do sustain an injury on board a cruise ship, report the injury to the appropriate personnel on board. Get a copy of any injury claim you submit and get the names and contact information of any witnesses. However, be cautious about signing anything on board the ship. Read all documents carefully, to make sure that you do not sign away your rights.

Document your injuries as far as possible with photos and through other means. As soon as you get home, contact a qualified Miami personal injury attorney to help you with your case. In many cases, there will be a statute of limitations as to how long you have to file a claim. Therefore, you will want to consult with an attorney as soon as possible to ensure that you can file a claim within this window of time.

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