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Miami Train Accidents Can Mean Many Things

Miami train accidents can cause serious brain injuries, broken bones, and even fatal injuries. There are hundreds of train-related deaths and thousands of train accident-related injuries each year across the country. When we speak of train accidents, however, we usually mean one of several different types of accidents:

1) Grade crossing accidents. Train crossings are the most dangerous areas for train accidents, with the majority of fatal accidents occurring at crossings. In many cases, these accidents are Miami car accidents, when a car tries to cross a train crossing before it is safe to do so. In other cases, the train strikes someone who is trying to cross on foot with a train coming. Trains take much longer than cars or even commercial trucks to come to a full stop, which is why trains often cannot stop in time, even if they see a car or a person in the crossing. Railroads are required to have sufficient signage to ensure that cars and pedestrians are aware of the dangers of train tracks. In some cases, railroads use gates and other safety devices to keep pedestrians and motorists safe.

2) Derailments. When a train leaves the tracks, it sometimes flips over on its side or rolls over, causing injuries to any person on board. In the cases of a freight train accident, a derailment can also cause a spill of toxic or even flammable materials.

3) Collisions. When two trains collide on the tracks, the force is often enough to cause a fire, derailment and fatalities. In many cases, collisions are caused by human error and are preventable.

4) Passenger train accidents. Fortunately, accidents involving passenger trains are not common. When they do occur, however, they can cause serious injuries and fatalities. Since trains carry far more people at a time than most forms of public transportation, there are more passengers who may be injured in this type of accident. In addition, passengers may be injured when traveling on board a train. For example, passengers may be in a Miami slip and fall accident on a train or may fall and hurt themselves when boarding a train or trying to leave a train.

5) Train accidents caused by mechanical failure. In some cases, train accidents occur due to brake failure or problems with other important systems. In these types of accidents, investigators often focus on the maintenance schedule of the train.

6) Freight train accidents. Freight train accidents cause catastrophic injuries, often because freight trains travel at high speeds while carrying large amounts of cargo. The force of any impact involving a freight train can cause explosions, derailment, and catastrophic accidents. Freight trains often carry several times the cargo of a fully-loaded commercial truck. In addition, freight trains are often used to transport flammable and hazardous materials, making freight train collisions even more dangerous.

If you have been injured in any Miami train accident, it is important to consult with a qualified Miami personal injury attorney. Train accidents often involve multiple liable parties, and determining liability in these cases can be challenging, since the cargo, trains, and railroads involved in the accident may be owned by different parties.

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