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Office Job Injuries in Hollywood and South Florida

On the surface, office jobs in Hollywood and South Florida seem much safer than many other workplace options. There is no heavy machinery, the way there might be in an industrial environment. There aren’t the risks associated with construction or forestry work. Despite this, office workers in Hollywood and across Florida do face hazards in the workplace and each year workers in these seemingly “safe” environments end up seriously injured or even killed on the job.


Some of the most common problems in an office environment include repetitive strain injury, musculoskeletal injuries, fractures, vision problems, and lacerations. Common risk factors for office employees include:

  • Sitting all day, creating the risk of blood clots, muscle strains, and other problems
  • Repetitive motions
  • Falls
  • Lifting heavy boxes or other heavy items
  • Exposure to office machinery, such as computers, which can malfunction and cause injury
  • Long hours in front of a screen, which can cause eye strain
  • Items falling from tall shelves

In rarer cases, issues caused by lack of proper workplace security can put employees at risk of workplace violence. This can be a hazard stemming from other employees or from frustrated clients and customers.

There are many ways workplace injuries can be prevented:

  • By ensuring all employees have ergonomic chairs, desks and workplace equipment which can be adjusted to their body size
  • By encouraging regular movement and activity, by adding breaks or creating an office design which encourages employees to walk around or move
  • By installing security systems or hiring off-duty police officers to ensure the safety of workers
  • By instituting regular checks to ensure there is no debris on the floor or power cords, loose carpeting, or other hazards
  • By performing proper maintenance to ensure all areas are well-lit, stairs are in good shape and equipped with sturdy railings, and that other building issues are addressed
  • By ensuring windows and doors are secure
  • By creating a safety workplace policy and ensuring it is adhered to
  • By training all employees on proper safety measures
  • By installing a first aid station

All employees as well as employers can take part in creating a safe work area. Employers can create a safe work area and listen to safety concerns. Employees can get the training they need and discuss the importance of safety in the workplace with their managers or employers.

If you have been injured in your office workplace, you are likely eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, which can help pay for medical costs and lost income. If you need help applying for workers’ compensation or if you are having trouble getting your rightful benefits, contact Flaxman Law Group. Also, contact us if you would like to explore all your legal options. If your injuries were caused by a third party, you may have a legal claim. Contact the legal team at Flaxman Law Group online or by calling 1-866-352-9626 (1-866-FLAXMAN) to speak to a Hollywood workplace injury attorney. Your first consultation with us costs you nothing and comes with no obligation.