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Personal Injury Prevention Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Summer Camp or Summer Activities

Most children today do sign up for summer activities, ranging from summer sports to summer school programs, camps, and other recreation opportunities. While accidents at camp and other summer activities are rare, they do occur and the results can be devastating. To prevent your child from becoming a Miami personal injury victim, make sure that you:

1) Research the program’s safety record. Before signing up your child in any summer program, find out whether the program is considered safe. Where possible, speak to other parents who have taken part in the program. Go online to find out whether children have been injured. More established programs with trained staff and a good reputation often offer parents some added peace of mind.

2) Ask specific questions about supervision. Who will be responsible for your children during the summer events? Do these people have references? What is the screening program for these employees? How will children be supervised at the program? Is there someone present who has first aid training? If your children will be driven to the program, check the driving record of the person who will be driving. While Miami school bus accidents are rare, they do occur.

3) Get details about the program. What activities will be involved? What is the risk for each activity? The more you know about a program, the more you can determine how risky the program is.

4) Consider your insurance. If the worst happens and your child is injured, what type of insurance will cover the injuries? Consider speaking with your insurance provider to see whether there is additional coverage for your child available, if you feel you need it.

5) Make sure your children have any safety equipment needed. If your child will be taking part in any sports activities or in any activities that require safety equipment, confirm whether you are expected to provide the equipment yourself. Make sure that your child has the equipment needed to keep them safe and to prevent Miami brain injuries.

6) Visit the program if you can and take note of safety features. If your child is going to camp, for example, make time to visit the camp and to check safety equipment, including life jackets for any boating activities and other safety features. If safety equipment is missing or in poor shape, this could indicate a problem that could endanger your child. Responsible summer programs put safety first and are proud to show you the steps they have taken to keep your child safe.

7) Make sure your child is prepared to be safe. Even if the summer program you have chosen takes extensive measures to keep your child safe, that will not mean much if your child takes risks. Make sure that your child is aware of safety rules and knows how to stay safe.

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