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Preventing Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury at Your Summer Home

Summer homes and vacation homes can be a great place to escape, but they can also be a place for new hazards. Vacation homes and summer homes have many issues which can lead to injuries, but there are several ways to prevent many of these injuries:

1) Check wiring and other common fire hazards. Summer homes can easily fall prey to animals and insects during the off season, and pests can do substantial damage to wiring. If there are any signs of an infestation in your summer home, consider having a qualified electrical check the wiring. If you store any appliances in your summer home, check the cords when you open your summer home again and replace any appliances with worn cords at once.

2) Secure pools, hot tubs, and other danger areas. Any areas with water can be a danger to children, especially. If you have a pool or hot tub, make sure that it is full enclosed in a tall fence with a self-locking gate. If your summer home is near a lake or pool and you will have small children at your home, consider building a fence with a self-locking gate around the summer home, to prevent children from wandering into the water. These precautions are important in preventing Fort Lauderdale pool injuries and drowning accidents.

3) Consider a maintenance service. Having someone drop by your summer home periodically during the winter can help ensure that your home is not burglarized or unsafe in any way. Another option is to drive to your summer home from time to time yourself or to rent your second home during the off season. This can help prevent Fort Lauderdale premises liability claims if someone is injured on your property while you are not there.

4) Keep a first aid kit at your summer home and make sure that you know where to get help if you need it. You may be less familiar with medical clinics and options near your vacation home, so make a list of local emergency and contact numbers to keep by the phone. Get familiar with the area to ensure that you can get help if you need it.

5) Keep the grass and trees around your summer home trimmed back. Keeping the area clean is important to prevent Fort Lauderdale slip and fall accidents. Keeping your area tidied can also help prevent Fort Lauderdale car accidents caused by overhead branches and poorly maintained driveways.

6) Use caution with fire pits, fires, and barbecues. Summer is often a time for s`mores and marshmallows, but fires and grills can be a fire hazard that can easily lead to Fort Lauderdale burn injuries. Make sure that you set up your fire or grill well away from your vacation home and car. Have plenty of water on hand to extinguish your fire and never leave a grill or fire unattended. Once you are done with a grill, make sure that you store it safely, especially when you are headed home for the autumn.

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