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Preventing Waste Truck Collisions in Homestead and Other Florida Cities

There are far fewer school bus accidents in Homestead and other communities than car accidents. One reason for that is that most drivers are much more careful around school buses than around average cars. In fact, there are laws in place to ensure that drivers use extra caution around vehicles transporting school children.

Now, a new law may help prevent waste truck accidents in Homestead and other Florida cities by getting motorists to slow down and show more caution around waste and recycling trucks. The new Florida law covers waste and recycling trucks under the same law that covers emergency vehicles.

Across the country, more than 135,000 men and women work with waste and recycling trucks, keeping streets and communities clean. These workers are especially vulnerable to workplace accidents in Homestead and other communities across the country, and one of the big risks in this industry has to do with pedestrian accidents. Waste and recycling trucks make frequent stops and when they do, trucking collisions can occur. In addition, workers from these trucks need to approach the curb and cross the street in order to pick up items from the curb. This puts these workers at risk, especially if drivers around them are distracted or try to drive around a stopped waste or recycling truck. The new law aims to address this common cause of injury.

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New Florida laws intended to prevent waste truck collisions

In addition to the law, the National Waste & Recycling Association’s (NW&RA’s) has launched a “Slow Down to Get Around” campaign. The awareness campaign reminds drivers that when driving around waste collection and recycling collection trucks, it is important to slow down and use extra caution. The NW&RA supports the new Florida bill but has said that it is still important for drivers to exercise extra caution when driving around or near waste and recyclable trucks. It is especially important that drivers:

  • Be aware. It is easy to overlook waste and recycling trucks, since drivers are so used to seeing them. Motorists need to spot these trucks and be aware that they may make sudden stops or may back up. Drivers also need to keep in mind that sanitation workers may be moving to and from waste trucks, so they need to be alert for pedestrian traffic around the trucks.
  • Be patient. It only takes a few minutes to wait for a sanitation truck, and this is much safer than trying to zip around a stopped truck. If a driver does need to pass a waste or recycling truck, they should do so slowly, staying especially alert for any workers in and around the truck. A little patience can help prevent many pedestrian accidents.
  • Be responsible. Driving fatigued, inebriated, or distracted greatly improves the chances of a serious collision. A tired or distracted driver may simply not notice a waste truck or a city worker walking around the truck. Driving responsibility is the first step in avoiding any type of traffic accident.

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