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Walking your dog is an important way to get exercise and spend quality time with your pet. However, this everyday activity is not without risks. In fact, each year, people get seriously injured while out with their pets. Walking your dog in Homestead or your community can lead to trip and fall injuries, dog bites, and can even put you at risk for muggings.


Many things can go wrong when you go out to walk your dog. You may encounter another, aggressive dog on your walk, you can trip over the leash, or your dog can bolt after a squirrel or other distraction, causing you to fall. If you are not careful, walking your dog when your dog has to head outside at night can also put you at risk of pedestrian accidents.

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Nursing homes in Hollywood and South Florida are supposed to be safe facilities for elderly residents who need additional support with everyday tasks. Some of the residents who are in nursing homes have mobility issues while others have cognitive conditions or conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

Unfortunately, when nursing home residents are not given the adequate care and supervision they need, they can become involved in pedestrian accidents outside the nursing home. This can happen in a number of ways, and all of them are preventable:

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Children are at risk of pedestrian accidents when walking around, even when they are with parents. Kids are hard to truck drivers to see from a cab and since young children are still learning the ins and outs of traffic rules, they can make mistakes which can lead to traffic collisions in Hollywood and other communities.

If you want to keep your child safe from truck accidents, there are a few things you can do:

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Many seniors take mass transit because they can no longer drive or because they wish to reduce the costs associated with owning a car. Other seniors use shuttles because they are part of a nursing home or retirement home which uses this mode of transportation for residents.


While using these forms of transport can reduce a senior’s risk of car accidents, especially if an elderly driver can no longer operate a car safely, mass transit accidents in Hollywood and South Florida are still a concern.

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When many of us think of nursing home injuries, we imagine slip and fall accident or emergency medical procedures. While these are nursing home injuries which do occur, there are other types of injuries which occur in care environments that do not get much attention. For example, nursing home parking lot accidents can be quite common. These accidents can involve staff who are exhausted after a shift or who are negligent when driving. They can also involve residents who wander into a parking lot due to incorrect supervision.


Nursing home parking lot accidents in Hollywood are often preventable and are caused by a number of situations, most commonly:

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Children can sometimes develop a big interest in trucks they see around them. Trucks are big, powerful machines and can seem very cool to kids. Unfortunately, curiosity and the desire to take a closer look can have some tragic consequences for young ones.


Most of us don’t consider the places kids can come into contact with trucks, but garbage trucks show up on residential streets every day and children may be able to get close to trucks in parking lots, in stores, at truck shows, and even in their yard when a delivery truck drops by. It’s easy to tell kids not to play near trucks or warn your child against approaching them, but they are likely to forget when they see a cool machine they want to see up close.

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Walking is one of the oldest forms of exercise and it is one of the healthiest. It is low-impact and has a lower risk of injury than many sports but also provides a whole-body workout with no special costs or equipment needed. Many people love to walk to relax, spend time with their dog, or just get out of the house.

While walking is safer than many other forms of more vigorous exercise, it is not without its risks. If you walk in your neighborhood, especially, you may be sharing the road with trucks and other road users and you may need to cross intersections, which does put you at risk for truck and intersection accidents in Hollywood or your Southern Florida community.

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Large commercial trucks, such as big rigs and tractor trailers, pose a serious danger on the road – especially for smaller road users. If you’re involved in a car accident in Homestead or anywhere in southern Florida involving a large truck, you may suffer severe injuries.


If you’re a pedestrian, however, your chances of surviving any collision involving a commercial truck are small. With no barriers or systems of protections, pedestrians are very vulnerable and can easily be crushed by an eighteen wheeler or other large truck. There are, fortunately, ways you can prevent pedestrian accidents involving trucks when you’re walking outdoors:

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Although commercial trucks and buses represent only 4% of all registered vehicles on the road, they account for 13% of all accidents and 13% of road crash deaths. These collisions, due to the size of trucks, cause devastating injury and even fatalities. Pedestrians, bicyclists, and passenger car drivers have little chance in a crash involving a fully-loaded commercial truck.


While truck accidents do occur more often than collisions involving other types of vehicles, however, the fault is not necessarily that of truck drivers. Poor lighting was listed as a contributing factor in 43% of pedestrian-truck accidents in 2013 while 22.5% of pedestrians were under the influence of drugs and 20.1% were under the influence of alcohol. In about 14.5% of fatal accidents involving a pedestrian, truck driver distraction was listed as a cause.

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Trucking accidents in Hollywood and the rest of South Florida are always devastating. However, if you’re in a passenger car when your accident occurs you may be protected by your seatbelt and by the glass, seats, and metal around you. Unfortunately, if you’re a pedestrian or bicyclist in Miami, Hollywood, or anywhere else in South Florida and are struck by a commercial truck, the results can be much more distressing.


Passenger cars offer scant protection against a fully loaded big rig or tractor-trailer – which can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. For bicyclists or pedestrians, however, there is often no protection. Unfortunately, pedestrians and bicyclists in South Florida have a high rate of injury – more so than in other parts of the country. In fact, South Florida in past years has had the unfortunate distinction of ranking number one in the country for pedestrian and bicycle accidents.

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