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Shuttle Accidents, Mass Transit Injuries, and Seniors in Hollywood

Many seniors take mass transit because they can no longer drive or because they wish to reduce the costs associated with owning a car. Other seniors use shuttles because they are part of a nursing home or retirement home which uses this mode of transportation for residents.


While using these forms of transport can reduce a senior’s risk of car accidents, especially if an elderly driver can no longer operate a car safely, mass transit accidents in Hollywood and South Florida are still a concern.

Why Shuttle and Mass Transit Accidents Happen

In Hollywood and South Florida, shuttle and bus accidents can happen for many reasons, such as:

  • Driver inattention
  • Fatigued or distracted driving
  • Driver substance abuse
  • Poor traffic signage or inadequate lights
  • Manufacturer defects
  • Poor weather and visibility
  • Overcrowding

Mass transit and shuttles can also pose additional dangers. On buses, for example, seniors may be at risk for theft and other crimes. Since there are no seatbelts, it may be easier to get injured since bus users are not secured to their seats to the extent passenger car passengers are. In addition, there may be no air bags and other protective devices.

Unfortunately, seniors who are using a shuttle or mass transit to get around are at greater risk. They may suffer from osteoporosis or other conditions which can make fractures and other injuries more serious and more prone to complications.  In addition, due to medications and pre-existing conditions, some seniors may be more vulnerable in traffic accidents because they may not be able to keep their footing or break their fall or minimize impact by bracing with an arm, for example. Depending on mobility issues, they may also have a more difficult time trying to escape a car which has been involved in a serious accident.

When nursing homes use drivers or shuttles to get residents to appointments, they are expected to take all due precautions to keep residents safe. This may mean using an accessible vehicle and carefully screening drivers to make sure they are safe. Choosing safe routes and driving responsibly is also important.

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