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Concussions are a Serious Risk for Hollywood and South Florida Nursing Home Residents

Concussions occur when the brain moves forward and backward rapidly inside the skull, which can cause damage to cells and chemical changes. While serious traumatic brain injuries may have significant symptoms, concussions do not always have noticeable symptoms and may be more subtle. This type of condition also doesn’t present external symptoms such as wounds or bleeding.


Nevertheless, concussions can be extremely dangerous for seniors in nursing homes. Concussions can increase the risk of later head injuries and can mean a secondary head injury can prove fatal or extremely serious. Concussions can also increase the risk of dementia and can lead to severe symptoms over time.

In many cases, concussions and head injuries in Hollywood nursing homes in South Florida are caused by falls. It is therefore imperative that nursing home staff take adequate steps to prevent. This can involve:

  • Ensuring no slip treads or safe surfacing are in place to prevent slips
  • Using good floor cleaning practices to avoid slip and fall incidents
  • Putting a strong policy in place to prevent physical abuse in the nursing home
  • Offering proper supervision and assistance to residents at all times
  • Offering proper assistance of patients getting in and out of bed or taking a shower–activities which may be more dangerous
  • Providing regular medical checkups to ensure patients don’t develop conditions which can affect their balance or mobility
  • Ensuring proper medicine use through careful supervision and frequent checks to ensure medication symptoms or side effects don’t cause lack of balance and other fall risks
  • Ensuring proper maintenance of the nursing home and good lighting in all areas
  • Offering vision care for seniors to ensure they can see as they move around
  • Providing additional support and supervision of seniors who are at risk because of pre-existing conditions

In addition to all of the above, nursing home staff should be trained to carefully supervise and report as well as treat any concussion or suspected concussions. If a senior is shaken rapidly during a seizure or fall for any reason, they should be carefully examined by a medical professional to ensure they have not suffered a concussion or serious injury. Not reporting a fall or incident with a senior and not securing the medical attention they need is neglect and can lead to serious complications for the resident.

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