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Children can sometimes develop a big interest in trucks they see around them. Trucks are big, powerful machines and can seem very cool to kids. Unfortunately, curiosity and the desire to take a closer look can have some tragic consequences for young ones.


Most of us don’t consider the places kids can come into contact with trucks, but garbage trucks show up on residential streets every day and children may be able to get close to trucks in parking lots, in stores, at truck shows, and even in their yard when a delivery truck drops by. It’s easy to tell kids not to play near trucks or warn your child against approaching them, but they are likely to forget when they see a cool machine they want to see up close.

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At this time of year, many college students are thinking about moving out. If this is the case for you and your family, keep in mind that moving trucks pose significant potential hazards for you and your college kids. Moving trucks accidents in Hollywood, Miami, and other communities happen every year.


You can help reduce the risk for your college student by:

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Many students are moving into dorms at this time of year, or moving into off-campus housing before their first classes start. In many college towns, both moving trucks and parking spots can be at a premium. If you are moving in Miami or any town with a college, there are a few ways to ensure moving day is a little safer:


1) Try to move on less busy days.

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At this time of year, many families decide to move to or from Hollywood and southern Florida. Summer is an ideal time to move because the kids are home from school and can settle into the new home before school begins again in the fall. It’s also a great idea to enjoy your new home for the summer.


If you’re moving, however, you will need to deal with moving trucks – and these can easily become a problem. Moving truck accidents in Hollywood and southern Florida can be serious collisions causing severe injuries. If you’re moving, there are several steps you will want to take to ensure you stay safe:

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All trucks have a clearance height and commercial truck drivers are carefully trained to ensure they know how to respect these limits. Unfortunately, if you rent a truck for moving day or to complete some renovations on your home, you may not have this training. This could put you at risk.


Each year, around the country people are injured and trucks sustain serious damage because drivers attempt to driver under train bridges, pedestrian overhead walkways, underpasses, and other obstacles that don’t offer enough clearance. When a too-high truck tries to squeeze under an underpass or an overhang that’s too low, the top of the truck can literally be sheared off or seriously damaged. In some cases, vehicles get stuck.

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If your child is headed to college this fall, they may be excited about moving into their off-campus apartment or their dorm rooms. However, moving day can be quite chaotic, especially on busy Florida campuses where many other college students are also moving in. There are extra pedestrians around, students with cars, and rental trucks all converging in what is usually a small space, increasing the odds of a serious truck or car accident.


There are several ways that you can make moving day a little easier for your child:

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At this time of year, many moving companies report a busy season. College students are moving into their dorm rooms and many families are taking advantage of the final few weekends to move before the start of the school season.

If you’re moving this year, you may be thinking about renting a moving truck or moving trailer. While this can be an economical way to move house, it also poses some dangers. Each year, families are seriously injured or even killed in moving truck accidents in Hollywood and Florida.


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Moving truck accidents in Hialeah and other communities lead to devastating accidents each year. Unfortunately, these types of collisions can be especially common at this time of year, as this tends to be a busy season for movers and moving truck rentals. Most safety experts agree that hiring movers or at least moving truck drivers is safer than trying to move yourself. This is because most people simply don’t have the experience and skills to handle a large moving truck with many blind spots. If movers are not an option for you, however, you may be able to minimize your risks by packing your moving truck. To do that, be sure to use these tips:

1) Use boxes, aiming to keep boxes the same size.

Using boxes rather than keeping items loose or using bags helps keep possessions from moving around. Using uniformly-sized boxes also makes the boxes easier to stack so that the load can be distributed evenly. Keeping your truck packed evenly and weight distributed evenly is important in helping you maintain control of the truck so that you can prevent a traffic collision.

2) Use padding on fragile items and large items that cannot be boxed.

This helps prevent your furniture and other items from being damaged, but can also help prevent injuries. A broken mirror or framed picture can create broken glass on the floor of your moving truck and during a busy move this can be a serious hazard.


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If you have a recent high school grad in your household moving on to college this year, you may be making plans to help your child move into their dorm room or college apartment. Unfortunately, moving truck accidents in Miami and other cities can easily happen during a move to college. To help prevent this from happening to your family, follow these simple tips:

1) Consider hiring professional movers rather than renting a moving truck.

Renting a truck may seem like a budget friendly option, but do-it-yourself moving does come with certain risks. Investigative reports have found that some moving truck rental companies do not maintain their fleets in a responsible manner. In addition, someone who is experienced with driving a passenger car may find the added blind spots and added size of a large truck overwhelming. You may increase your chances of being in a traffic accident in Miami or at your destination by driving a truck that you are not used to.

2) Keep moving costs low by combining moves.

Many people choose to rent a moving truck rather than hire movers because of cost concerns. If this is true for you, you may be able to afford movers by keeping your costs low. For example, have your child take only the absolute minimum when they move – this should be easy since most dorm rooms only have limited space for possessions anyway. In addition, if two or three students are moving to the same college, they can pool their possessions and use one moving company together to enjoy a discount.

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