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Florida Moving Truck Accidents and Moving Safety

Moving companies are busy at this time of year because many families and students move before the start of the school year. Unfortunately, moving also brings risks with it. Each year, Florida truck accidents involving moving trucks cause serious injuries. As well, moving can cause back problems and minor injuries.

If you are moving and you decide to move yourself, carefully consider the truck you will be hiring. Some investigative news reports have found that some rental moving trucks have poor maintenance and safety records. In some cases, customers have complained about poor truck performance. If you do rent a moving truck, try it out first and take the truck to a mechanic you trust to ensure that the truck is road-worthy.

Make sure that you rent the right size of truck and that you pack and load your truck correctly. Overloading a truck can place additional stress on the tires and can lead to tire blowouts. It is a good idea to estimate the weight of your possessions and then to get a truck slightly larger than you need. However, do keep in mind that the larger the truck, the more unlike it will be from a passenger vehicle. Commercial truck drivers have extensive training to drive larger vehicles. Without this type of training, you may feel uncomfortable and be unsafe in a larger truck.

Incorrectly loaded and packed trucks can also be a danger, as they can cause the load to shift while you drive, which can cause you to lose control of the vehicle. Incorrectly loaded moving trucks can also be subject to roll-overs. Distribute the weight evenly inside the truck and secure the load with straps (available at many home building stores and automotive stores) to ensure that the load will not shift before transport.

Give yourself plenty of time to move and move on a day when visibility is good. If you plan on moving yourself with a rented truck, be sure to give yourself plenty of time. You will need time to pack the truck carefully and gradually and you will need time to take the rental truck to a mechanic before you drive it. You may also want to drive the truck around for a short time to get comfortable with the vehicle. Give yourself extra time to get to your destination and try to travel during the daytime, when visibility is better.

Given the dangers of moving yourself, you may want to consider alternatives to moving yourself. Many people choose to move themselves because the costs are much lower than hiring professionals. However, there are alternatives. You can rent a truck yourself and hire a truck driver to drive your possessions to your new destination. There are also “do it yourself” moving companies. These companies will deliver a freight crate to your current address and you can take time filling the crate. When you are done, a professional truck driver will deliver the crate – with all your possessions – to your new address. This costs less than a professional moving service but does not require you to drive a large truck.

If you hire do decide to hire professionals, stay well out of the way. Large commercial moving trucks have many blind spots, so it is important to keep pets and children away from the truck, to avoid accidents.

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