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Packing A Moving Truck To Make It Safer

Moving truck accidents in Hialeah and other communities lead to devastating accidents each year. Unfortunately, these types of collisions can be especially common at this time of year, as this tends to be a busy season for movers and moving truck rentals. Most safety experts agree that hiring movers or at least moving truck drivers is safer than trying to move yourself. This is because most people simply don’t have the experience and skills to handle a large moving truck with many blind spots. If movers are not an option for you, however, you may be able to minimize your risks by packing your moving truck. To do that, be sure to use these tips:

1) Use boxes, aiming to keep boxes the same size.

Using boxes rather than keeping items loose or using bags helps keep possessions from moving around. Using uniformly-sized boxes also makes the boxes easier to stack so that the load can be distributed evenly. Keeping your truck packed evenly and weight distributed evenly is important in helping you maintain control of the truck so that you can prevent a traffic collision.

2) Use padding on fragile items and large items that cannot be boxed.

This helps prevent your furniture and other items from being damaged, but can also help prevent injuries. A broken mirror or framed picture can create broken glass on the floor of your moving truck and during a busy move this can be a serious hazard.


3) On moving day, keep the trip between the moving truck and your door clear.

Truck crashes are not the only way to get injuries on moving day; slip and fall accidents in Hialeah and trip and fall accidents in your community can also lead to serious injury. To prevent injuries, especially when carrying boxes that don’t let you see the ground in front of you, make sure that your path is clear.

4) Get help with moving. Strain injuries and back injuries are common with any Hollywood move.

Having some help ensures that you are not the only one carrying heavy items, which can help you avoid injury.

5) Create a flat layer on the bottom of the truck using boxes.

A flat layer of something such as boxes of books creates a steady foundation, which can help prevent things from shifting while you drive. This is important because a shifting weight can make it harder to control the truck. In addition, having items shifting behind you can distract you as you drive.

6) Stack the truck carefully, thinking of the packing like a jigsaw puzzle.

Use fillers to fill in empty spaces to prevent boxes from moving. Keep heaviest items – such as appliances – towards the back of the truck. Heavier boxes belong on the bottom of the truck, while light weight items – such as loose lamps or brooms tied in a bundle – belong on the top. Pack things tightly and methodically to prevent big gaps that allow your items to shift.

7) Use dollies and ramps.

Dollies allow you to move boxes and heavier items without the risk of back injury on your Hialeah moving day. They can also help save you from strain injuries. Ramps from the ground to the truck can help reduce the risk of falls and other accidents. Most moving companies and truck rental companies can rent you these items for a small fee.

8) Use straps or rope to tie items in place.

Use more ropes and straps than you think you need to tie things in place. Tying down the entire cargo portion by portion further reduces the risk of shifting cargo, which can further reduce your risk of a serious collision.

The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group would like to wish you a safe moving day if you are moving this year. If you have suffered an injury on moving day and need legal advice, contact our law firm for a free case consultation.

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