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Many experts suggest parents sign driver agreements with their teen drivers to prevent car and truck accidents. If you live in an area where your teen will be driving on the highways around trucks, especially, it’s important to ensure your teen is making the right choices on the road and staying as safe as possible.


A driver agreement simply lists what your teen cannot and can do in the car and also outlines some rules and regulations for safe driving. Not all agreements are made the same, however. If you want your agreement to have bite, you’ll want to:

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One argument for self-driving trucks is that many trucking accidents are caused by human errors and human factors. Whether you agree with the idea of self-driving trucks or not, there’s no doubt that on-the-road mistakes made by passenger car and truck drivers do lead to collisions.


The most common human factors causing car accidents in Homestead and across Florida include:

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Although commercial trucks and buses represent only 4% of all registered vehicles on the road, they account for 13% of all accidents and 13% of road crash deaths. These collisions, due to the size of trucks, cause devastating injury and even fatalities. Pedestrians, bicyclists, and passenger car drivers have little chance in a crash involving a fully-loaded commercial truck.


While truck accidents do occur more often than collisions involving other types of vehicles, however, the fault is not necessarily that of truck drivers. Poor lighting was listed as a contributing factor in 43% of pedestrian-truck accidents in 2013 while 22.5% of pedestrians were under the influence of drugs and 20.1% were under the influence of alcohol. In about 14.5% of fatal accidents involving a pedestrian, truck driver distraction was listed as a cause.

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Are you at risk for a trucking accident in Homestead or your South Florida community? You could be, especially if you have the following risk factors:

1) Being in an unfamiliar location.

Safety experts agree that driving in unfamiliar locations can increase your chances of a traffic collision. While you are statistically most likely to be in a car accident close to home, unfamiliar surroundings do put drivers at increased risk of collisions.


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Truck drivers in Hollywood, Miami, and other communities in South Florida have a big responsibility: they need to deliver cargo safely and on time while taking steps to drive safely. Truck drivers often have to drive on unfamiliar roads and share the road with much smaller vehicles. In some cases, they need to drive on narrow city streets not designed for larger big rigs and tractor trailers.


In order to get a commercial license, truck drivers need to undergo extensive training and testing to ensure they’re safe drivers. In fact, the extra training and screening mean truckers are among the safer motorists on our roads: statistics show that in most car-truck collisions, truck drivers are not at fault.

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New drivers and young drivers face a number of obstacles in the first few years of driving. They may still be developing their skills and in some cases they may face peer pressure from friends to take risks behind the wheel. In addition, some teen drivers haven’t yet found their confidence in driving.


Teen drivers may not yet be familiar with driving around other types of vehicles, such as commercial trucks. Sharing the road with larger vehicles is a crucial skill to learn. Truck accidents in Hollywood and Florida claim far too many lives each year and these accidents can lead to devastating, permanent injuries as well.

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Many truck and car accidents in Hialeah and other Florida communities are caused by human error. Human error can involve failing to check blind spots, making a mistake when changing lanes, or braking suddenly.


Drivers and other cars may make decisions that cause you to be involved in a trucking accident. For example, another car may swerve in front of a truck, causing the truck to slam on the brakes or shift lanes, potentially crashing into you. Another car may try to drive around a truck and crash into you if you are driving in front of the same vehicle. Drivers tailgating a truck may suddenly slam on the brakes, causing you to rear-end their vehicle if they break too suddenly.

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According to the truck industry, the majority of truck accidents in Homestead and other communities occur due to passenger car drivers. In fact, in many car and truck accidents, the car drivers blamed. Even though it’s true that truck drivers have extensive training and have to be carefully tested to keep and maintain their commercial licenses, truck drivers aren’t immune to human error.


In fact, there are many errors that truck drivers make that can lead to collisions:

1) Poor health choices.

Fatigued driving, drugged driving, and drunk driving involving truck drivers in Homestead and other communities can and does happen. Even though there are strict rules preventing truck drivers from engaging in dangerous behavior, it does not prevent drivers from making poor choices. Some drivers have sleep apnea or sleep disorders or other conditions that they fail to disclose. Some drivers drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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Many truck crashes in Hollywood and Florida take place when a truck is in motion. This can be especially devastating if a truck is speeding or driving at high speeds on a freeway, since the force of the collision can cause serious injuries.


However, even a parked truck can be a danger, especially if you don’t see it in time. Parked truck collisions in Hollywood and other communities are surprisingly common and can lead to devastating injuries. There many situations where this type of collision can take place:

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Emergency vehicles, including trucks, race to the scene of car accidents, fires, and other emergencies. The brave men and women in these trucks work hard to save lives and often put their lives at risk in order to do so.


If you are in a truck or car collision, first responders in Hollywood or local emergency vehicles could save your life. Unfortunately, because these large vehicles are traveling so quickly, in some cases they can cause accidents and damages as well.

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