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When Emergency Trucks are Involved in Accidents in Miami and Florida

Emergency vehicles, including trucks, race to the scene of car accidents, fires, and other emergencies. The brave men and women in these trucks work hard to save lives and often put their lives at risk in order to do so.


If you are in a truck or car collision, first responders in Hollywood or local emergency vehicles could save your life. Unfortunately, because these large vehicles are traveling so quickly, in some cases they can cause accidents and damages as well.

There are many ways that emergency trucks can cause collisions:

1) By causing a high-speed accident on the way to an emergency.

Drivers of fire trucks, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles are trained to get to emergency situation safely, even when traveling at very high speeds. However, the fact that they are traveling at high speed can be extremely dangerous, especially at intersections. In some cases, the drivers of these vehicles are not as careful as they could be or are negligent in other ways and cause a collision. Because of the high speed involved, these types of collisions tend to be very serious.

2) By causing secondary accidents.

When drivers see an emergency vehicle with its lights flashing and siren on, they’re expected to move out of the way immediately. Unfortunately, not all motorists do so, can do so, or do so in time. This can lead to secondary accidents. For example, one car may rear end or side swipe another car while trying to get out of the way of an emergency truck.

3) By stopping in unexpected spots.

Sometimes, emergency crews have to stop in front of a crowded building, on a turn, or in a space that is not an official parking space. If you are traveling along, this type of parking job can block your visibility and can lead to a crash. If an emergency vehicle is stopped around a bend, you may crash into that vehicle because you have no way of knowing that it is stopped there.

4) By crushing other vehicles in order to get to an emergency.

In rare cases, a fire truck or other emergency vehicle will use may crash into another vehicle or force another vehicle out of the way, causing damage to the car. If you were parked in a fire zone or other illegal spot, you may have no recourse. However, if you were in a legitimate parking spot in your car was damaged or you were injured because an emergency crew was trying to get somewhere, you could have a legal claim.

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