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This Workers’ Memorial Day, Take Steps to Prevent Workplace Violence and Injury

Unfortunately, many people go to work each day and never return because they are seriously injured while workingfile141249316441. According to safety experts at the American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations, many fatal and serious workplace accidents in Homestead and across the country are preventable.

April 28 is Workers’ Memorial Day, a day meant to honor those workers who have been injured and killed on the job. One way to honor the occasion is by working to reduce workplace injury. There many things that you can do to ensure that you have a safe workspace:

1) Get proper training.

Employers are obligated to provide adequate training, especially in professions where there is a high risk of injury. Construction workers, for example, should be trained in all of the correct techniques to prevent construction site accidents in Hollywood or their communities. Even if you work in an office, though, there are safety training courses that can help you avoid repetitive strain injury and other injuries that may be a problem for you.

2) Know your company’s policy for safety.

If you do notice unsafe conditions, how are you supposed to report them? Who is responsible for safety in your workplace? Understand your role in preventing injury so that you can act quickly if you do see unsafe conditions.

3) Know your rights in the workplace.

You have a right to refuse work if it is unsafe, and you cannot be fired or reprimanded for reporting unsafe conditions that can lead to serious injury.

4) Know the risks of your workplace.

Every workplace has its risks. If you work in an office, for example, stairs may be a risk for slip and fall accidents and there may be a risk of violence, depending on your industry. If you work in a factory, your biggest risks may come from heavy machinery or electrical equipment. Understanding where you are most likely to be injured allows you to use extra caution around those more dangerous areas or tasks.

5) Use extra caution around electrical equipment and heavy equipment.

Each year, millions of people are seriously injured in the workplace due to heavy equipment and machines. Under federal laws, only people with the correct safety equipment and the proper training can work near or with electrical equipment and machinery. Even if you’re qualified to work with heavy equipment and electrical equipment, keep in mind that you need to use extra caution.

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