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Preventing Back-to-School Personal Injuries in Florida

Back to school season is an exciting time. It is also a time when parents need to stay vigilant about injuries to children and minors. There are several things that parents need to consider during back to school:

1) Consider commuting. The commute and drive back from school represent the riskiest time for your child, as the school commute exposes your child to Florida pedestrian accidents, car accidents, and other forms of injuries. Whether you drive your child to school or whether your child takes the bus, take some time before the school term to review safety. If your child bicycles to school, review the route and ensure that your child will wear a well-fitted helmet to and from school to prevent brain injuries. Make sure that your child will not be texting or listening to music while riding or walking to school, as this will distract them from traffic. If your child is walking to school, review pedestrian safety and consider having your child walk with a friend for safety. If you will be dropping off your child at school, consider whether the school has a drop-off zone you can use. As well, consider which routes are best and least congested.

2) Consider your child’s school activities and after-school activities. Many childhood Florida brain injuries occur as a result of sporting activities. If your child is taking part in any school clubs or after-school activities, make sure that correct safety precautions are being taken and ensure that your child has the right safety equipment to stay safe.

3) Set up a system so that you can know where your child is at all times. Many Florida parents use cell phones to ensure that children can reach them at all times. It is also useful to set up a schedule at home, so that it is easy to keep track of where everyone is headed throughout the day. In the first few weeks of school, it is natural that your children will make new friends. Ensure that you have the names and phone numbers of these friends (and their parents) so that you can contact them easily if you need to.

4) Volunteer at your child’s school or keep up with developments at the school. Getting involved at your child’s school – whether through Parent Teacher Associations or volunteerism – helps you notice any safety problems or issues that need to be addressed. If you cannot spend the time, at least get involved through social media or through newsletters so that you know what is happening at the school.

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