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Preventing Personal Injuries on the Last Weekends Before School Starts

As the summer draws to a close, many people are celebrating the final days of the warmest part of the year with parties and special events. At the same time, everyone’s schedule is getting more hectic with back-to-school preparations. If you want to stay safe heading into fall, make sure that you:

1) Monitor your pool – and have a good pre-winter clean-up plan in place. If you will not be using your pool in the summer, make sure that you secure it well, using an alarm system, self-locking gate and secure pool cover. Before fall gets here, be aware that children are still home from school, and a sparkling pool on a hot day is a great temptation. Keep your pool gate closed at all times – even if you are only headed into the house for a minute – and use your alarm system and lock to keep unwanted visitors out.

2) Have a get-home safe plan at all times. End-of-summer parties usually mean alcohol and barbecue, so avoid become a Florida drunk driving accident statistic; have a plan to get home safely. Better yet, have a few alternatives to get home so that you are never tempted to drink and drive.

3) Avoid distracted and fatigued driving. If you have children heading back to classes, especially, this time of year can be very hectic. This can make it easy to get into a car accident, especially since many mall and shopping center parking lots are chaotic and hectic. Give yourself plenty of time to get your back-to-school errands completed so that you are not distracted by all you need to get done. When shopping and running errands, keep your cell phone tucked away so that you can focus on driving safely. As well, make sure that you get plenty of sleep. As the daylight fades faster at this time of year, it is natural to feel a little more groggy. Compensate with a little bit of extra sleep.

4) Stay alert for recalls. Many parents and families stock up on school supplies, electronics, and other must-have items at this time of year. However, just because these items are in stores, that is no guarantee that they are safe. Sign up for a recall warning list online, so that you can be informed when items are recalled. It can help prevent a Florida products liability suit.

5) Practice safe boating – and get ready to store your boat safely. If you are storing your boat for the winter, make sure that you have a good plan for keeping your boat safe until next summer. Keep in mind that if you boat is not stored safely, you could be held liable if someone gets injured. If you plan on heading out on the water again, make sure that you practice safe and sober boating at all times.

6) Clear up and secure your summer home. If the end of summer also means leaving your summer home, make sure that you secure it correctly.

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