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Preventing Davie Motorcycle Accidents This Fall

While all Davie traffic accidents can have devastating consequences, Davie motorcycle accidents can be especially tragic. Since motorcyclists are not enclosed, they are more likely to be killed or seriously injured in a crash. Motorcycles are also more likely to tip over in an accident and due to the size and force of trucks and cars, motorcycles can be dragged or pinned by a larger vehicle in a crash, causing serious injury to the rider. State officials and safety experts believe that there is much that riders can do to help prevent Davie car accidents involving motorcycles:

1) Wear a helmet. A leading cause of fatalities in motorcycle accidents is a Davie head injury, yet many riders choose not to wear helmets. Safety experts believe that helmets can drastically reduce the possibility of serious or fatal injuries in the event of a motorcycle crash, and helmets are affordable.

2) Get additional training. State officials find that inexperienced riders are more likely to get injured or killed, so getting additional training can be one of the best ways to avoid a collision and injury.

3) Be cautious when riding in busy areas and near larger vehicles. A rider on a motorcycle has virtually no chance against a much larger vehicle in a Davie truck accident. While drivers and motorcyclists alike have equal responsibility on the road, the reality is that in many cases drivers and motorists do not spot motorcyclists in time. As a result, motorcyclists need to stay extra alert.

4) Drive when you are in good condition to do so. Davie drunk driving accidents are likely to be devastating when they involve an accident between a motorcycle and a larger vehicle. It is important to stay sober and undistracted when operating a motorcycle – these types of vehicles require the rider’s complete focus. It is important to be well-rested, sober, and alert when riding a motorcycle.

5) Use good communication skills. Making eye contact with drivers and using signaling correctly ensures that motorists can see you and can anticipate your movements. Unfortunately, some drivers do drive distracted, and it is important to maintain communication on the road to alert other drivers of your presence.

6) Keep your motorcycle in good condition. Your motorcycle is more likely to respond correctly and help you prevent an accident if it is in good condition.

7) Protect your eyes. Dust and wind in your eyes can blind you for seconds and can easily lead to a serious accident. Be sure to protect your eye from debris on the road to prevent this type of dangerous distraction.

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