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Defensive Driving Can Prevent a Miami Gardens Truck Accident

In 2011, 9 out of 13 accidents involved a truck. No matter where you drive and how often you drive, the reality is that you need to be able to share the road safely with trucks if you hope to avoid a Miami Gardens traffic accident. According to experts, defensive driving – or driving with an eye to noticing hazards and preventing accidents – is the best way to prevent a Miami Gardens truck accident. There are many ways that you can drive defensively on the roads:

1) Pay attention. The first step of defensive driving is awareness. When approaching a truck, you need to be aware of it and its limitations. Trucks are much larger and drive differently when compared with passenger cars. They have more blind spots and take longer to brake, for example, making it very dangerous to drive right behind a truck.

2) Stay visible and let trucks pass you. To avoid a Miami Gardens car accident, keep in mind that truck drivers can only see you when you can see the driver. Stay out of trucks’ blind spots and let trucks pass you rather than driving near or immediately behind trucks.

3) If you have a car emergency or cannot put your full focus on the road, pull over and put your flashers on. Most truck drivers are responsible and careful on the roads, but each year Miami Gardens traffic accidents are caused by distracted truck drivers and car drivers. If you need to make a phone call or if your tire suddenly blows, pull over as much as you can to get out of the way of traffic. To make yourself visible to oncoming traffic, use your flashers or other signals.

4) Stay calm and focused. When driving, make sure that there are no distractions and try to avoid driving when you are upset. Driving is emotionally draining and can even be physically tiring. It is an activity that requires all of your attention. If you are upset or distracted, let someone else drive you.

5) Prepare for the unexpected when sharing the road with trucks. Delivery trucks may need to stop suddenly and commercial trucks sometimes blow a tire or experience brake failure. In many cases, truck drivers are making deliveries to areas they may not be familiar with, and this may mean that they are looking for street signs and numbers, possibly slowing down unexpectedly. When driving near trucks, keep in mind that they may do something you don’t expect – and it is up to you to respond quickly to avoid a Miami Gardens truck collision.

6) Brush up your driver skills with a defensive driving class. If it has been some time since you took a driver’s training class, especially, brushing up on your skills can help you correct any bad habits and learn new skills to stay safe on the roads.

Even if you drive defensively, negligent drivers could cause a Miami Gardens truck accident. If you are in an accident and are injured, contact the Flaxman Law Group to learn more about the legal remedies available to you. Find out how much your case may be worth and how many options you may have before you make any final decisions related to your case. The Flaxman Law Group is pleased to offer a no-cost, no obligation consultation to all new clients, so there is no risk and no charge for getting the facts.