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Prevent Miami Injuries to Minors and Children By Heeding Trampoline Warnings

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), there are about 100 000 serious injuries to children due to trampolines each year. As a result, the AAP is warning parents to exercise more caution when it comes to trampolines. Back in 1999, the AAP made safety recommendations about trampolines as well, leading makers of the popular item to make safety changes to make the products safer. The number of emergency room visits due to trampoline-related injuries, however, has had pediatricians and the AAP issuing new recommendations. According to Dr. Susannah Briskin and other experts, safety features such as padding and safety nets on trampolines still allows many injuries to occur.

Overall, the number of trampoline injuries appears to be in decline. In 2004, 111,851 emergency room visits were made due to trampoline-related injuries. By 2009, the number had dropped to 97,908. However, as Dr. Susannah Briskin and other experts have noted, sales of trampolines have also declined, which may be one reason for the declining injuries.

Trampoline manufacturers have stated that their products are safer with the safety measures introduced in the early 2000s and note that trampolines may be safer than climbing trees or many other childhood activities.

According to safety experts, there are a number of things that parents can do to prevent Miami personal injuries caused by trampolines
1) Buy a quality trampoline. A quality trampoline made from a reputable company and purchased new (rather than as a used and possibly damaged item) is most likely to be sturdy enough for repeat use.

2) Do not allow multiple children to use the trampoline at once. According to an item in the journal Pediatrics, the majority of injuries (about three-quarter of injuries) occur when multiple people are using the trampoline at once. In most cases, this occurs when children of different age groups and sizes are using a trampoline at the same time.

3) Keep in mind that injuries do not just occur to children. Adults have been turning to trampolines as an inexpensive way to exercise, but trampoline injuries are not just Miami injuries to children and minors. Adults can break their bones, sustain head injuries, or sustain sprains when using trampolines. Read and heed the weight restrictions on trampolines and ensure that adults use trampolines intended for adult use.

4) Be wary of trying tricks such as flips or somersaults. A major concern with trampoline injuries is the possibility of a Miami head injury. According to Dr. Briskin, about 10-15% of all trampoline injuries are to the neck and head, and these are the injuries that can lead to the most serious consequences, with the AAP reporting that one of our 200 trampoline-related injuries lead to permanent head injury, with many of these serious injuries occurring due to mistakes made during a flip or somersault.

4) Actively supervise children using a trampoline.

5) Use the safety devices and features with your trampoline. Plenty of padding around the springs and frame can help cushion any impact while netting around the trampoline can help break a fall.

6) Use trampolines only on level ground. Follow manufacturer directions carefully when it comes to setting up and using a trampoline.

If you or your child have sustained a serious injury when using any recreational equipment that you feel may have been defective, contact the Flaxman Law Group to arrange for a free accident consultation to discuss your case.

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