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Road Safe America Offers Top Tips for Preventing a Hollywood Truck Accident

Road Safe America is an organization dedicated to raising awareness about road safety. The group offers a number of tips to help drivers prevent truck collisions:

1) Be aware that trucks behave very differently than cars and use extra caution when driving near them on the road. Trucks take longer to brake, for example, and some types of trucks may make frequent or unexpected stops. Be prepared for the unexpected when driving near trucks, and give trucks extra room to maneuver in order to help prevent a Hollywood truck collision.

2) Be aware of the blind spots around trucks and stay out of them. According to Road Safe American, one third of all accidents involving passenger cars and commercial trucks occur because the smaller car is in the truck’s blind spot. A good rule of thumb is that if you cannot see the truck driver, the driver cannot see you. A commercial truck has large blind spots to either size and behind the truck. To prevent a Hollywood car accident, stay out of these zones.

3) When a truck is turning right, do not pass the truck on the right. The truck can swing wide, causing an underride accident.

4) Do not cut off any truck or bus. If you are passing a large vehicle, make sure that you can see the entire car in your rear-view mirror before you attempt to get in the lane in front of the truck. Trucks and buses take longer to brake and may not be able to stop in time to prevent a Hollywood traffic accident if you cut them off.

5) In bad conditions and on higher-speed roads, give trucks at least seconds of space. Due to the size and force of trucks, slick road conditions can make it even harder for trucks to brake.

6) If you see a truck driver driving dangerously, call the police. Reckless and aggressive truck drivers are a huge danger on the road, as their vehicles can cause devastating damage. Calling in a dangerous driver can help save lives.

7) Be aware of your own blind spots. While the blind spots on a passenger car are much smaller than the blind spots on a truck, they are enough to cause a serious Hollywood bicycle accident, pedestrian accident, or traffic accident. Get into the habit of checking your blind spots regularly, to ensure that you are aware of what is around you.

8) Be in good physical condition for driving. Getting adequate rest and food is important, as is being in good physical and mental condition. While most of us take driving for granted, it is a taxing activity – and one of the most dangerous things we do every day. Driving tired or while in poor health can be as dangerous as driving drunk, so make sure you are fit to drive before you get behind the wheel.

9) Never drive distracted. Distracted driving is the cause of many Hollywood traffic collisions. If you have to make a call, change a CD, or send a text, wait until you get to your destination or pull over first.

10) Slow down when in construction zones. There are usually more pedestrians and trucks in these areas, and construction can create dangerous traffic delays as well. Use extra caution in these areas.

11) Keep your vehicle in good condition. When your car responds as you expect, it is easier for you to drive defensive and to act when needed to prevent a crash.

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