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Preventing Drowning and Swimming Pool Injuries

Many Florida homes have a swimming pool in the yard and children at home. After all, Florida is not only a great place to raise children, but it is also a place where swimming pools can be enjoyed for much longer, thanks to a gorgeous climate. While children love swimming pools, though, adults need to take steps to prevent pool accidents. Whether you have a child at home or child visitors to your home, you need to keep your pool secure in order to prevent tragedy and premises liability cases. Since you cannot supervise your pool around the clock, make sure that you:

1) Put up a fence around your pool. Even if your yard is enclosed by a fence, construct a separate fence around the pool to keep visitors to your yard from accessing the pool area easily. Make sure that the pool fence is tall enough that it cannot be climbed easily and add a good gate and lock to keep trespassers out. Keep the gate locked at all times unless the pool is in use and correctly supervised.

2) Place a pool cover over the pool when not swimming. A pool cover prevents children from falling into the pool and injuring themselves. It can also help prevent leaves and other debris from falling into a pool. Keep in mind, however, that a pool cover still allows children access to your pool and is not a good alternative to a fence and locked gate.

3) As soon as you can, teach your child to swim and teach your child water safety. If your child does fall into a pool, he or she has a much better chance of survival if he or she is a good swimmer. Water safety courses can also teach your child the importance of not going near a swimming area when no supervision is present.

4) Set up set swimming times. Allow your child to enjoy the pool by establishing swimming times where you and another adult are present to supervise. It is a good idea to always have two or more parents supervising at once to ensure safety for everyone.

5) Put drain covers over your pool drain. Drains create suction and can cause children to get stuck under water. This can cause drowning before anyone is even aware that there is a problem. A good quality drain cover helps prevent this tragedy.