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What Responsibilities Do Trucking Companies Have to Prevent Trucking Accidents?

Companies owning fleets of trucks – whether for rentals, deliveries, or for some other purpose – have a responsibility to ensure that those trucks are driven safely. Unfortunately, thousands of accidents involving trucks occur on American roads and some of these accidents lead to fatalities or serious personal injuries. In some of these cases, it is found that trucking companies are not doing all they can to ensure that their vehicles are safe. Trucking companies can do a number of things to ensure that their trucks are safe:

1) Maintenance. Regular maintenance is vital for trucks. In addition to changing oil, checking for problems, and fixing any issues a truck has, regular maintenance by a qualified mechanic ensures that possibly dangerous mechanical problems are fixed. Responsible trucking companies ensure that maintenance is regular and that any repairs suggested by a mechanic are completed before a truck is placed on the road again.

2) Safe trucks. Trucking companies are responsible for ensuring that their trucks are safe to drive. This means that if a truck manufacturer recalls a model or issues a recall on any part of a truck, the trucking company must comply and ensure that the mechanical issue is resolved before the car operates on the road.

3) Proper business practices. Irresponsible trucking companies sometimes have business practices that ensure unsafe driving. For example, some companies place excessive loads on their trucks or demand that their drivers meet nearly impossible deadlines, which compels the drivers to speed or drive until they are very fatigued. If a company’s policies are found to have contributed to an accident, the company can be held partly liable for the collision and any personal injuries or property damage that results.

4) Employee screening and training. Trucking companies are responsible for ensuring that their drivers are safe. This means that companies must work to hire safe drivers, must check their drivers to ensure that they are qualified, and must ensure that all drivers have adequate training for their job.

5) Insurance. Trucking companies are responsible for having adequate insurance to cover any damages and injuries caused by a trucking accident.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a trucking accident, contact a qualified Florida attorney. A personal injury attorney can launch an investigation to determine whether a trucking company was negligent in failing to meets its responsibilities and duties. A Florida personal injury attorney can also protect your rights and ensure that you have all the help you require as you heal from your injuries.