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Preventing Florida Injuries to Minors and Children Due to Boredom

Boredom has never killed anyone – or has it? Many children at this time of year grow frustrated with the shorter days, long school days, and hectic schedules. It’s not unusual for children to wander out in the warmer weather and this, combined with boredom, can mean injuries. Here’s how to keep your kids safer and not bored, from spring break to summer:

1) Give your kids plenty of options. Enroll your children in good programs and activities that they enjoy. They’ll learn new skills, socialize with other kids, and stay in a supervised setting. Just make sure that any activities you sign your children up for are safe and are operated in a way designed to prevent injuries.

2) Set safety rules – and stick with them. Have a list of rules about bicycling, free time, and driving. For example, rules for your teen drivers will include no driving while texting and no driving after drinking. For younger kids who like to bicycle, set rules about wearing a helmet. If more children wore helmets each time they biked, there would be fewer Florida brain injuries in the emergency rooms. Along with each rule, ensure that you have penalties or consequences in case your children break the rules. Be sure to enforce safety rules.

3) Know what your kids are up to and who they spend time with. Supervising your children, spending time with teens, and listening can help you understand whether your children are worried about something or are taking part in something potentially unsafe. Spend more time together in order to ensure that everyone in your family is familiar with each other and each other’s activities.

4) Plan some fun activities for this time of year. Spending time together as a family helps keep everyone from getting too restless or too anxious. Plan a vacation, a day trip, or just some time together to reconnect. It’s a great way to find out what is going on.

5) Make sure your children know the consequences of dangerous activities. If you have a new driver in your home, ask your local police station or fire fighter’s association about their Florida drunk driving educational programs – show your teen driver the true consequences of drunk driving accidents. If your young children like to ride skateboards or bicycles without helmets, show them the impact of Florida brain injuries on other children’s lives. Local hospitals and police authorities often have informational materials you can use.

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