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Pedestrians Can Help Prevent Florida Truck Accidents

Florida pedestrian accidents involving trucks are usually tragic. Pedestrians have almost no protection against the sheer size and force of a large commercial truck and can often not get away quickly enough to prevent serious injury and fatality in a collision. Florida truck accidents involving pedestrians are especially prevalent near intersections, on worksites, and in parking lots. According to the FMCSA (The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), pedestrians can do their part to prevent these accidents by:

1) Making eye contact first. Pedestrians can be all but invisible to truck drivers and trucks have many blind spots. Never walk behind a truck, along the side of a truck, or cross in front of a truck until you make eye contact with the driver and get acknowledgment from the driver.

2) Staying in pedestrian-safe zones. Walking in crosswalks and on sidewalks is much safer than trying to walk on the road or trying to cross without a crosswalk. If you try to cross the street without a crosswalk, a car may be able to stop in time, but trucks take much longer to brake and may not be able to stop in time to prevent a serious accident.

3) Staying alert for trucks. Keep in mind that trucks may sometimes swing up onto sidewalks when making wide turns. Some truck drivers park up on curbs in high-traffic areas to get out of the way of traffic. Keep alert and look about you so that you will notice trucks backing up, turning, or coming near you. Avoid listening to music, using mobile devices, or distracting yourself when out walking in areas with truck and car traffic. For a more leisurely walk, stick to walking trails.

4) Staying visible. In bad weather and at night, pedestrians may not be very visible. Wearing light and reflective clothing can help, but carrying a flashlight is the best way to stay visible, according to the FMCSA. Keep in mind that commercial truck drivers often travel at night, so you are more likely to encounter truck traffic, even once car traffic lessens for the evening.

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