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What Motorcyclists Can Do to Prevent Florida Truck Accidents

While many Florida truck accidents take place when cars and trucks collide, each year Florida motorcyclists are seriously injured or killed in collisions with trucks. For motorcyclists, truck accidents are especially dangerous because motorcyclists simply have fewer barriers and protections between themselves and the truck in a collision. In most cases, Florida truck accidents involving motorcyclists are fatal accidents. However, according to the FMCSA (The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), there are several things that motorcyclists to reduce their risk of a serious collision with a truck:

1) Wear a helmet. According to the FMSCA and most experts, wearing a helmet is the single most important thing that motorcyclists can do to prevent the risk of sustaining serious brain injuries in an accident. Most fatal motorcycle accidents are fatal because the motorcyclist sustains a serious brain injury. However, many Florida brain injuries can be prevented by the use of safety measures – such as always wearing a helmet when riding on a motorcycle. Motorcyclists need to ensure that the helmets they wear fit properly and meet US Department of Transportation (DOT) standards.

2) Never ride in a truck’s blind spots. Trucks have large blind spots on the sides, in the back, and in the front. It is especially dangerous for motorcyclists to ride in these areas because while motorcyclists can move quickly and flexibly, trucks cannot. For example, if a motorcyclist is in front of a truck and brakes suddenly, the truck will take much longer to brake, resulting in a serious crash.

3) Use defensive driving. Keep in mind that motorcyclists are less visible to other drivers – including truck drivers. Stay extra alert of other vehicles and their lights. Avoid aggressive driving or riding in the lanes of other vehicles.

4) Avoid sudden bursts of speed. Many motorcyclists love their bikes because motorcycles respond quickly – they accelerate much faster than other vehicles. However, this can be fatal. Keep in mind that trucks take much longer to accelerate and brake. Avoid accelerating in front of a truck – you can easily collide with the vehicle.

5) Make sure you and your bike are ready before each ride. Inspect your bike and make sure you are calm, well-rested and prepared to focus on driving. Never distract yourself by using a mobile device while riding a bike. As well, make sure that you wear protective gear, including boots, jacket, and gloves.

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