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Reducing Road Stress Could Help Reduce Instances of Car and Truck Accidents in Coral Gables

According to the National Council on Compensation Insurance, traffic accident injuries and fatalities have dropped over the past few years, largely because unemployment means that fewer people drive to work and there are fewer trucks and shipments on the road. As the economy recovers, there is more road traffic and fewer people using public transport, and that can increase the risk of accidents. In Coral Gables and South Florida, the recovering economy can also mean more tourists and more traffic during certain seasons, which can also increase the risk of collisions.

Added traffic on the roads and less use of public transportation can mean more stress on the roads. At a time when many drivers are driving longer distances in order to take advantage of more job opportunities, especially, driver stress during commutes is a real concern – and can be a cause of car and truck accidents in Coral Gables and other Florida communities. To help protect yourself, make sure that you:

1) Avoid distracted driving. If you suddenly have to drive further to work because of a new job or if you are returning to driving after using public transportation for a while, it may be tempting to find something to do while you drive. However, distracted driving is a key cause of truck and car accidents in Coral Gables and across Florida. When you get behind the wheel of a car, make sure that you can focus fully on the drive.

2) Spread out driving responsibility. If you must drive a lot, consider taking public transport part of the time or carpooling. These options are not only more environmentally friendly and cost conscious, but they can also reduce driver stress, road rage, and the risk of traffic accidents in Coral Gables or your community. When you allow someone else to drive part of the time, you can read a newspaper, focus on your mobile device, or get other tasks done while commuting. Having someone else take care of the driving part of the time also reduces the amount of driver stress you experience and may reduce your risk of a crash.

3) Take care of your health and never drive tired. During the morning commute, especially, fatigue, stress, and illness can be a disastrous combination that can lead to a car collision. When you have to share the road with trucks, especially, you need to stay alert because these larger vehicles take longer to break and stop. If you’re tired, unwell, or are not feeling at your best, it is best to take public transport or rely on someone else to drive you to your destination.

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