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Slip and Fall Injuries are a Fall Risk

In the fall, fallen leaves and more rain can lead to more slip and fall injuries. These injuries can break bones, cause brain injuries, and expose you to premises liability suits. Here’s how to avoid slip and fall accidents on your property and elsewhere:

1) Make your property safe with lights and proper fall maintenance. Shorter days in the fall can mean less visibility, while leaves and pools of water can mean a slippery risk. Install lights near walkways at your home and ensure that they are on at dusk. Set up a fall property maintenance schedule to keep your yard free of leaves and debris.

2) Avoid walking on leaves. When you are out walking, avoid piles of leaves. While they may be tempting, they can be slippery and can contain hidden obstacles that trip you up.

3) Get an eye check up. Poor vision can lead to falls, especially now that fall means shorter days and more darkness. Get your prescriptions updated.

4) Check your medications. You may feel great in the summer, but some of your medications may be affecting your sense of balance or your alertness. Sort through your medicine cabinet and toss out any expired medication. Check the rest of your supplements and medicines for interactions and possible side effects.

5) Report dangerous conditions right away. If you notice dangerous pedestrian conditions while walking or driving, report the perils, especially those on public property. You have a right to expect even sidewalks and well-lit streets.