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What Perils Do Commercial Truck Drivers Pose?

Most commercial truck drivers train diligently to operate their vehicles and most are patient, skilled, and courteous. However, some truck drivers have characteristics that make them dangerous on the road. These dangerous characteristics can lead to accidents that cause personal injuries. These characteristics include:

1) Lack of training and experience. Truck drivers need to be well trained and experienced because they are responsible for operating large vehicles that can cause a lot of damage. Drivers should have training and experienced in defensive driving, driving in a variety of conditions, safety issues, and driving techniques. Drivers should be familiar with the roads and the truck they are driving.

2) Rage. Drivers with anger management problems are more likely to experience road rage, which can cause drivers to take risks and drive erratically. Rage has no place on the road.

3) Hurriedness. Drivers who are in a hurry and take short cuts can cause accidents. Some companies encourage drivers to be rushed by creating tight deadlines for shipments or by creating incentives for drivers to hurry excessively.

4) Substance abuse problems. Any driver who takes alcohol or drugs before driving may become drowsy or unable to respond adequately to potentially dangerous situations. Such a driver is almost certain to cause an accident.

5) Sleepiness. Truck drivers must remain alert and awake at all times. Drivers who have sleeping problems, insomnia or other conditions that cause drowsiness are a hazard on the road. Even drivers who suffer from sleep apnea – a common condition — can fall asleep behind the wheel and cause an accident.