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The Emotional Impact of Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents often cause serious personal injury as well as property damage. If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of a trucking accident, however, it is important to understand that the injuries caused by trucking accidents also cause a severe emotional reaction. Since the injuries caused by trucking accidents tend to be severe, many victims suffer from these common problems after their accident:

1) Depression. Many of the personal injuries caused by trucking accidents create long-term or permanent problems for victims. The changes in a victim’s life may be hard to bear, and this can cause depression. Victims may have a hard time accepting that their life has changed so dramatically.

2) Withdrawal. After a trucking accident, personal injury victims are often unable to return to normal social activities, and this can lead to a withdrawal from usual groups of friends. Additionally, some victims may be unsure how friends and family will respond to their injuries and withdraw from social activities. Burn injury victims, for example, may have a hard time facing the world because they feel uncomfortable with their current appearance.

3) Anger. Many victims of personal injury find that they face new limitations. Someone who has sustained a spinal cord injury after a trucking accident, for example, may have a hard time walking or taking care of themselves. The resulting frustration can easily boil over into anger.

4) Social Problems. Some victims of personal injury have a hard time resuming social relationships after a trucking accident. For example, someone who has sustained a brain injury in a truck accident may have certain difficult personality traits after an accident or may have memory problems that makes even normal conversation difficult.

5) Substance Abuse. Although many victims of personal injury bravely work to better their lives after a trucking accident, victims of personal injury are at greater risk of developing substance abuse problems. Some victims turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with the emotional aftermath of an accident. The pain medication given to many victims is also habit forming and can create problems when patients need to take the medication long-term.