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Sustaining Whiplash and Soft Tissue Injuries in Miami-Dade County

Our bodies are filled with ligaments, muscles, and tendons, which help us move freely and stay flexible. Unfortunately, many residents of Miami-Dade County sustain injuries to soft tissue each year. Painful injuries such as tendinitis, strains, contusions, sprains, and bursitis can lead to challenges with driving, walking, and working.


Soft tissue injuries can heal, but in the meantime, you may face time away from work and costly medical treatment. Working with a Miami-Dade County whiplash and soft tissue injury attorney can be an important step towards seeking compensation so you do not need to suffer financially, too.

Causes of Soft Tissue Injury

Whenever soft tissue in your body is overextended or overused, you are at risk of an injury. Soft tissue injury can also occur if part of your body is suddenly twisted or turned. Injuries of this nature can occur due to:

  • Workplace injury
  • Falls
  • Boating accidents
  • Bicycle crashes
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Car crashes
  • Truck collisions
  • Sports injuries
  • Assault


A very common type of soft tissue injury in Miami-Dade County is whiplash, which is also known as neck sprain or neck strain. It occurs when an injury happens to the nerve roots, discs, intervertebral joints, ligaments, or cervical muscles of the neck.

Whiplash can cause a range of symptoms, including stiffness, significant pain, dizziness, headaches, or a buzzing or prickling sensation in the affected area. In some cases, pain can be severe and can radiate or extend to the back or shoulders. Some patients experience additional symptoms, such as anxiety, memory loss, and difficulty concentrating.

Whiplash is a common injury in Miami-Dade County car accidents, in part because the sudden impact of a collision can snap the neck forward while the body is kept in place, causing injury.

Whiplash can be challenging to diagnose after a car collision. Symptoms may only show up hours or even days after impact and it can be difficult to see some soft tissue injuries on imaging scans. Sometimes, this can mean insurers deny valid claims.

Living With Soft Tissue Injury

Depending on the soft tissue injury, a patient may need to rest, elevate, and ice the affected area until it heals. For whiplash, patients may need antidepressants, muscle relaxants, pain medication, physical therapy, cervical traction, and other treatments. Many whiplash patients also wear a cervical collar, which greatly inhibits movement, for up to three weeks.

Some soft tissue injuries largely heal on their own. Some, such as bursitis and tendinitis, may require anti-inflammatory medication, steroid injections, pain management, rehabilitation, and even surgery in severe cases.

What To Do If You Have Sustained a Soft Tissue Injury or Whiplash in Miami-Dade County

If you develop any symptoms after a car accident, fall, or any incident, see a doctor. If you suspect whiplash or a soft tissue injury, get medical attention and a second opinion if the first medical provider does not take your pain seriously.

Being in a cervical collar for two weeks or needing to rest for weeks because of a soft tissue injury can impact your income, and paying for physical therapy, doctor’s visits, medication, medical devices, and other treatment costs can add up.

If your injury was caused by someone’s negligence, you may have a claim and be able to seek compensation for the costs you have incurred. To find out more, contact Flaxman Law Group at 1-866-352-9626 (1-866-FLAXMAN) for a free accident consultation with a Miami-Dade County soft tissue and whiplash claims attorney.

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