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Brake failure is a common – and terrifying – cause of trucking accidents in Broward County, Hollywood, and across southern Florida. In fact, according to the Department of Transportation (DOT), 29.4% of commercial truck accidents involve some sort of brake issue.


There many reasons why brake failure may happen with truck accidents:

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Advanced Automatic Braking, Automatic Emergency Braking, Autonomous Braking: these devices have many names, but no matter what you call them they are designed to save lives. These brakes work by engaging when a driver does not or cannot. If a driver cannot brake for some reason or does not notice a threat in time, these brakes are meant to engage to help them a truck accident.

Truck accident experts in Hollywood and South Florida have a great deal to say about these brakes. Some insist that the latest versions of automatic brakes – now being developed by almost every commercial truck maker – make a big impact in preventing tanker accidents, big rig collisions, and other crashes involving commercial vehicles. Others insist that more work needs to be done to prevent trucking crashes.


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Tire blowouts are terrifying. One moment you may be following a commercial truck and the next you may witness a loud boom followed by pieces of rubber flying at high speeds toward your windshield. After a tire blowout, truck drivers are sometimes able to pull over safely to the side of the road. However, a truck tire blowout in Hollywood or another community can also cause a truck driver to temporarily lose control of the vehicle. This can cause a serious accident, especially on freeways or near intersections.


Tire blowouts can occur for number of reasons, including:

  • Overweight Cargo
  • Poor Maintenance
  • Faulty Tire Design
  • Old Tires
  • Incorrectly Installed Tires
  • Speeding
  • Bald Or Worn Tires
  • Debris On The Roads
  • Overheating

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Brakes on big rigs and tractor-trailers are very different than the brake systems on passenger cars. Trucks use air brakes to stop their larger vehicles and to stay safe on the roads.


While the truck air brakes are meant to stop much larger vehicles and are meant to keep trucks safe, the reality is that brake problems are common causes of commercial truck accidents in Homestead, Miami, and other Florida communities.

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Tow trucks are there to help you if your car breaks down or if you have been in an accident. However, in some cases these trucks can also cause a collision or can become involved in a crash. The reality is that tow truck drivers have a dangerous job and many sustain on-the-job injuries in Homestead and other communities each year.


There are many ways that a simple tow can go wrong:

1) A tow truck driver can be injured while attempting to help a customer.

One of the reasons why tow truck drivers face such dangers on the job is that they are often called into high-risk situations. They may need to drive out in bad weather or poor visibility to deal with weather-related issues or may be asked to clean up after an accident. While they are pulled over on the side of the road and walking to and from their truck to help others, tow truck drivers are vulnerable to other drivers on the road. If motorists do not slow down when they see a tow truck with its flashing lights, they can easily crash into the tow truck or driver. Each year, serious injuries and fatalities result from this type of negligence.

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