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Tips for Avoiding Water-Related Personal Injury in Miami Beach and Where in Florida This Summer

Miami Beach and many Florida coast communities boast miles of beautiful beaches. While these sandy oases are the backdrop of plenty of summer recreation, the waves can be deadly. Each year, beachgoers face drowning accidents, fractures, sprains, and even organ trauma due to beach accidents. In many cases, these accidents occur due to the force of the waves. To stay safe this summer, make sure that you:

1) Swim only at beaches with lifeguards. Before heading into the water, ask about surf conditions. When out on the water, keep waves in view. Even if you are a strong swimmer, if you are not used to swimming in the ocean you may find yourself in trouble. Many drowning accidents in Miami Beach and other communities occur when tourists try to avoid the crowds on the beaches and end up in remote areas with uncertain conditions and no lifeguards.

2) Use extra caution when wading in the surf zone. The surf zone refers to the area between the edge of the water and the shoreline. While many people like to play in the waves in this area of the beach, this is also where the waves break. Even though the water is shallow, waves can crash into people and knock them over. Child injuries in Miami Beach and on other Florida beaches can easily occur in the surf zone.

3) Supervise children at the beach. While beach-related neck and spinal cord injuries in Miami Beach and at other Florida beaches are rare, they do occur. Children are especially vulnerable to beach injuries. Small children can easily wander off on a crowded beach and can get into trouble even in shallow water. If you are taking children to the beach, ensure that they are properly supervised at all times.

4) Make sure everyone in your family is a strong swimmer. This is one of the best ways to prevent water-related injuries.

5) If you decide to go on a boat tour or rent a boat, stay safe. If you are renting a boat or buying one, make sure that it is safe and ensure that you are familiar with the boat and with safe boating practices. Many boating accidents in Miami Beach and other Florida communities occur due to boat operator inexperience. If you decide to go on a boat tour, ensure that the operator is properly licensed, insured, and experienced in the water.

6) Watch out for traffic. The traffic around popular beaches can be hectic on sunny days, which can easily contribute to a pedestrian accident. In addition, some truck and car accidents do occur on beaches which permit vehicles as well as pedestrians. If you are at a beach that permits vehicles on the sand or has vehicle patrols, be cautious when sunning on the sand – stay well clear of any areas where vehicles may drive.

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