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Traumatic Brain Injury in Hollywood and South Florida Nursing Homes

Traumatic brain injuries can occur in Hollywood nursing homes for a number of reasons. They are most common due to falls, such as slip and fall or trip and fall incidents in hallways, when getting in and out of bed, or in the washroom. Staff are expected to take reasonable precautions to prevent traumatic brain injury. These precautions may include installing better lighting, offering adequate supervision and assistance to residents, installing grab bars along hallways, on stairs, and in bathrooms and taking additional precautions as well.


Traumatic brain injury can be especially dangerous for elderly person who may already be fragile or may have pre-existing medical conditions. For these patients, concussions and other closed brain injuries can be fatal or can lead to long-term cognition problems, physical problems, mobility challenges and more.

What is Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injury occurs when the brain inside of the skull comes in sudden, sharp contact with the inside portion of the skull. Since the inside of the skull is a very hard surface, the jellylike substance of the brain bounces against the skull and this can lead to bleeding or bruising of the brain. It can also cause a dangerous swelling of the brain tissue, until the tissue presses up against the skull itself, causing damage to the brain.

Traumatic brain injury can result in personality changes, mobility issues, significant symptoms, and even fatalities. It is a medical emergency and requires immediate assistance. One issue with traumatic brain injury is that in some cases the severity of the injury is not immediately apparent. A nursing home resident, for example, may fall down or hurt their head and sustain an injury. Staff members who do not take adequate care or do not have the right training may evaluate the patient but may not notice signs of a serious brain injury. This can delay lifesaving medical attention.

How Does Traumatic Brain Injury Occur in Hollywood and South Florida Nursing Homes?

Slip and fall and trip and fall accidents are among the more common causes of traumatic brain injury in nursing homes. Residents, especially those with mobility problems, may fall down when using the washroom, or even when just walking from room to room. When this happens, they can hit their head against a solid object or even against the floor, causing serious head injury.

Slip and fall injuries can be caused by wet floors, improperly maintained flooring, lack of adequate grab bars, lack of adequate supervision, incorrect medical attention, side effects of some drugs, and other causes. The problem can be made even worse if a resident falls and hits their head but does not get proper medical treatment immediately. Neglect or inadequate supervision can mean a resident with a serious injury doesn’t get help right away, potentially leading to further complications.

Nursing home abuse can also lead to serious head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries. Abuse, such as shaking, hitting, or striking can lead to brain injuries. Unfortunately, perpetrators in the nursing home itself may try to hide evidence of the abuse and therefore may not take a patient in for medical treatment in time to avoid serious complications or even fatalities.

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