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Safe Shopping for Black Friday

Black Friday deals promise to help you save big on travel, electronics, appliances, household goods, and many other items. For many retailers, Black Friday represents one of the biggest shopping days of the year. For shoppers in Hollywood and across South Florida, this shopping day can be a very exciting way to experience favorite stores and malls.


Unfortunately, with crowds and the frantic pace of this retail event, injuries are not uncommon. Stampeding injuries, slip and fall incidents, crushing injuries and even violence can impact shoppers. If you plan on taking advantage of the sales, here are some tips to stay safe:

  • Plan for your trip before you go. Try looking through flyers and online advertisements to create a strategy of attack. If there is something you want, make sure you arrive at the store early so you can get there for the item you want before the largest crowds. Consider calling the store to find out if the item will be on sale on other days or if you can get a raincheck. This may allow you to buy the item without having to fight large crowds and risk injury.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. If you’re going to Black Friday sales, make sure you wear sturdy shoes with good treads as well as clothing that gives you a large range of motion. This way, you can confidently move around. Avoid wearing anything flashy which displays wealth and carry wallets or purses well secured. This can help reduce the risk of theft.
  • Be ready for crowds. Crowds and even violence can be an issue during Black Friday shopping. If you’re heading to a store during the busiest times, make arrangements with friends to meet up. The experience is more likely to be fun and as a group you may be more visible, potentially reducing your risk of getting stepped on or injured. If you do find yourself caught in a crowd, look for higher ground or a less busy part of the store where you can avoid being trampled. Move with the crowd rather than against it.
  • Consider waiting for Cyber Monday. It allows you to shop from the comfort of your home without having to brave crowds.
  • Protect yourself from theft. Always use a well-lit walkways, sidewalks, parking areas, and shopping areas. Stay in pedestrian zones to avoid parking lot accidents in busy parking lots. Store your purchased items in a locked trunk where they are not visible. When you get big box items home, break down the boxes and put them in garbage bags so you are not advertising that you have recently purchased expensive items.

If you’re injured in a Black Friday sale or any holiday sale, you may wonder whether you may have a claim. In some cases, these injuries are caused by negligence on the part of retailers who do not provide adequate security, crowd control, lighting and other safety measures. If you’d like to find out whether you have a claim, talk to a premises liability attorney in Hollywood by contacting Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation.