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Truck Accidents on Construction Sites in Miami and Other Communities

Construction sites are everywhere across South Florida, and in many cases they are a positive sign of economic growth and population expansion. Unfortunately, construction sites can also lead to many workplace accidents in Miami and other communities. Construction sites are also common sites for truck accidents. There many types of traffic accidents that can occur on construction sites:

1) Crane accidents. Crane accidents in Miami are one of the more common types of construction site-related accidents. Cranes can easily tip over, causing severe injury. They can also run over construction workers and employees on the ground work and drop heavy materials onto workers below. Crane accidents are likely to lead to fatalities and permanent injuries.

2) Traffic accidents caused by traffic congestion and poor signage. Inevitably, construction sites often cause traffic congestion and problems. In many cases, traffic needs to be diverted around the construction area or lanes are narrowed as workers complete their construction project. Construction crews are expected to provide proper signs to help pedestrians and motorists navigate the construction site safely. When construction site owners do not adequately warn drivers and this from negligence leads to a car or truck accident in Miami, the victims who have been injured can seek compensation through a legal claim.

3) Back-over accidents. Most construction sites have multiple workers on the ground as well as many types of equipment and trucks. Unfortunately, the combination of pedestrians and truck traffic can be disastrous. If both truck drivers and workers are not cautious, a truck or other piece of heavy equipment can easily back over a worker, causing death or serious injury.

4) Accidents caused by debris. Debris is an inevitable fact of construction sites. Whether construction crews are remodeling an existing structure or building from scratch, various types of debris can be found on the ground, including glass, tools, building materials, nails, and more. Heavy debris can cause truck accidents, equipment accidents, and minor accidents and injuries to construction workers. Construction site owners have an obligation to ensure that proper cleanup occurs on all construction sites to keep workers safe. Employees also have an obligation to wear the right safety equipment (including hard hats, work boots, and other equipment) to stay safe.

If your a construction worker and have been injured on a construction site in Miami, workers compensation in Miami may not cover the full cost of your injuries. If you have been seriously injured, especially, you may face hundreds of thousands of dollars in long-term medical bills, lost income, and other expenses. Before you make any decisions in your case, you will want to speak to a personal injury attorney in Miami about all your options.

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